03/28/2019 South Report

I think that some of you thought that I got myself fired. Maybe the babe of the week or my unfiltered opinions was too much for the brass of Full Force Pro to handle, and they cut ties with me. Well if you thought that you were WRONG! I’m here! And here is another edition of the South Report! You missed me didn’t you?! Don’t lie. You did.

Where to begin…

FFP’s Tour of Japan is over with and now we’re back in the states and ready for FFP Monday Night next Monday. Not sure if all the matches are set yet, actually I know they haven’t. But Michael Showtime will put his Network Title on the line against Wyatt Cobb. Two different styles, and two way different guys battling over the Network Title. Who leaves New York with the gold?

Speaking of gold, I’ve heard that Ava St James is going to be putting her Spirit Title on the line as well Monday night. But who will she face? And will Simone Williams be a factor? Of course she will…

Everett Moses will challenge Miles Lynch for the FFP World Championship at FFP Devastation. The two have clashed before with Lynch coming out on top. But Moses won the Tokyo Rumble to guarantee himself this shot. And I tell you, riding the wave of momentum off winning the Rumble, Everett may be the guy to pry the championship out of Lynch’s hands.

Stuart Cavanaugh has been quiet lately. A little too quiet if I may say so myself. Not sure if he’s working up some big plan or what, but I’ve started to wonder why he hasn’t attempted to scoop up every championship in Full Force Pro. The Conglomerate is a pretty large stable. And with guys like Trent Wolfe and Population Control, you’d think they’d have all the gold. Or is that the plan…

I’m excited to see where Francine comes into play here in Full Force Pro. Rumors are circulating that she will manage Matt Kraven, Detmer & Ryan, or even join The Conglomerate. I tell you what, she’s found success as a manager whether it be with Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer or Justin Credible. I see the same thing happening to whoever she decides to manage here in FFP. I wish I was a wrestler…I’d be more than happy to have her in my corner.

I’ve heard FFP is going to be debuting some more action figures. Can’t wait to see who gets a figure this time around. I’m sick of seeing Anarchy, Matt Kraven and Kenzie Anderson as figures. Let’s get some new ones shall we?!

So I guess that about wraps it up, right?

No? Oh yeah, we have to do the babe of the week don’t we? Silly me, I almost forgot. Like you believe that, right?

Today’s Babe of the Week goes to the manager Giuliana Rubio. Giuliana has come into FFP and really shown how good her guys are. She led Cidio to the FFP Honor Title in no time, and has Ochoa and Red Devil on the verge of breaking through in the tag team division.

We haven’t seen a manager make a name for herself this quickly since Scarlett Ducane. Plus, look at her. She’s absolutely gorgeous! Look at her eyes. I could just fall into them.

That wraps it up for me. I’ll be back sooner this time around, I promise. I know you guys missed me, and what is your lives without a little South Report in them? I understand.

Later kids.

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