A Preview for FFP Monday Night

This Monday live from New York City, Full Force Pro resurrects it’s old school weekly show FFP Monday Night. Every now and again we decide to pull FFP Monday Night back out and let our fans enjoy it. And with this being our first event back in the states following the Tour of Japan, we felt it was apropos.

FFP Monday Night has brought us some great memories, such as Seduction Inc making their return, multiple title changes among a lot more.

So here is the card for this event. Tickets are still available, or if you have the FFP Network, simply tune in!

Michael Showtime will defend his FFP Network Championship against the sadistic Wyatt Cobb. Both men have been impressive, with Showtime actually holding on to an undefeated streak while also holding the Network Title.

Courtney Kennedy will look to take down quite a challenge when she faces former FFP Spirit Champion Kenzie Anderson. Both women have been somewhat quiet lately, and surely they want to come back to the US getting a solid win.

Evan Kaine will face off against Griffin Austin. Both are young wrestlers with a lot of potential. Of course Evan has the beautiful yet distracting Randi Wilson in his corner. Will she come into play in this match, or can Griffin avoid distraction and get the victory?

Ava St James puts the FFP Spirit Title on the line against Bethany Tilly. Bethany is more known as a part of the tag team known as Unattainable with Sophia Ishmael. But Ishmael has been injured, and Bethany is out to find success as a singles competitor until her tag team partner returns. Can Bethany pull the upset and take the title from Ava St James?

Everett Moses will challenge Miles Lynch for the FFP World Title at FFP Devastation, but this Monday he’ll face off against George Furst. We can’t help but think this is Stuart Cavanaugh trying to soften Everett Moses up for his Champion.

And finally, we just learned about this today. Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan will put the FFP Tag Team Titles on the line against one of the most dominating tag teams you’ll ever meet, Zeke and Able, Population Control. Of course this has to be another one of Cavanaugh’s plans, trying to get The Conglomerate some more gold in the group. Detmer and Ryan have had the odds stacked against them before, but can they overcome Population Control?

Following this FFP Monday Night, we will go back to our regularly scheduled weekly shows starting on April 9th with FFP Tuesday Night from Boston. Going forward it will be interesting to see what will get stirred up on our way to the second annual FFP Devastation pay-per-view.

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