04/01/2019 FFP Monday Night

April 1, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
New York, NY

The show began with the entrance of The Conglomerate. Stuart Cavanaugh and company walked down to the ring, took a microphone and welcomed everyone to FFP Monday Night. Cavanaugh said that it was great to be in New York, and that he had several surprises in store for the New York crowd. He said that although the entire Conglomerate group was here only a few of them would be in action tonight, but he did surprise everyone announcing that tonight’s main event would be Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan putting the FFP Tag Team Titles on the line against The Conglomerate’s own, Population Control!

The scene cut to ringside where Brian Young and Morgan Alexander were sitting at their commentary table. Brian Young talked about how Cavanaugh was using his power to ensure that Population Control would have a big advantage, because Detmer and Ryan didn’t even have time to prepare. Morgan said that whether they had time to prepare or not was irrelevant, because no one can handle Population Control.

Evan Kaine w/ Randi Wilson vs Griffin Austin
A very good match to begin things at FFP Monday Night. Randi Wilson was dressed in a stunning red dress which Morgan Alexander couldn’t stop mentioning. Evan Kaine got the advantage early, but the tide changed when Griffin Austin hit one hell of a roundhouse kick which sent Kaine to the mat and rolling outside of the ring.

If Evan wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to roll out of the ring, Griffin may have very easily got the three count. Randi began to tend to Evan, but Griffin interrupted, grabbing Evan and firing him back into the ring. Austin turned to Randi and winked at her, before going in after her man. The brief moment was enough to give Evan a chance to clear the cobwebs, and he hit Austin with a hard clothesline that sent him over the top and to the floor. Evan then hit the ropes and delivered an awesome suicide dive. He slid back into the ring, and as Griffin got back to his feet, Kaine hit another suicide dive! Randi was cheering him on, clapping and cheering. He turned and kissed her on the cheek before sending Austin back into the ring.

Evan pulled Griffin up and went for a powerbomb, but Griffin was able to back body drop Evan, then crack him with another hard kick to the skull. Kaine went down to his knees, where he was then blasted by a shining wizard. The crowd cheered Griffin Austin on as Kaine looked like he was moments away from defeat. Austin then set Evan up for the Griffin Knock Out, but Evan was able to dodge it, and reverse it into a snap German suplex. Griff got back up, but was hit with a superkick. Evan then set him up for his Bicycle Knee to the Jaw. But Austin dodged that, and caught Evan in a rear-naked choke. The two went down to the mat, and Griffin wrapped his legs around Evan. Evan fought to get toward the ropes. And Randi screamed for him to not give up. She slapped the mat and pleaded for Evan to hang on and reach the ropes.

Randi Wilson finally jumped up onto the apron. Out of desperation she did this, and the official turned right to her, demanding she get off the ring apron. Evan then began to tap out, not being able to take anymore of Austin’s rear-naked choke. Austin let go of the hold, but noticed that Randi had distracted the referee. He turned around to continue going after Evan, but Kaine had gotten up to his knees, and hit Griff with a painful low blow. Evan then quickly hit his Bicycle Kick to the Jaw, and made the cover. Randi quickly hopped off the apron and the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Evan Kaine was your winner.

Brian Young said that every time Evan had a match it seemed Randi always had to get involved. Morgan said that that is what a good manager does, but Brian said that Evan couldn’t win a match without Randi at ringside with him. Either way, Evan Kaine was the winner of the match.

Ringside | In the Ring
The scene cut back to ringside where Stuart Cavanaugh had come back out and taken a microphone. Stuart announced that The Conglomerate was expanding by one member, a member who was very near and dear to his heart. Cavanaugh then introduced the world to the newest member of The Conglomerate, and the newest member of the Full Force Pro roster…his son, Benjamin Cavanaugh! Benjamin came out dressed in a fine looking suit with a big smile on his face. He took the microphone from his dad and said that he had had the best training that money could buy to make it to FFP and to not only be the best wrestler in FFP, but to make his dad proud. Stuart assured Benjamin that he was already proud, but that he couldn’t wait to see his son take FFP by storm.

The scene cut backstage where Bobbi Jackson was walking down one of the hallways with a bottled water in hand. Quinn Delaney turned the corner and the two about collided. The last time they had went face-to-face, Quinn stole a victory from her. Something Bobbi obviously hadn’t forgotten. Quinn told Bobbi to look out, but Bobbi wasn’t having any of it. Bobbi told her that she should step back into the ring with her, and this time try not to cheat to win. Quinn said that all Bobbi was full of was excuses. Bobbi told her to meet her in the ring tonight, but Quinn said that she had been nursing a knee injury, and that she’d face Bobbi again when she decided. Jackson rolled her eyes and walked away from Quinn.

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Ava St James w/ Simone Williams vs Bethany Tilly
Bethany almost seemed a little gun shy in this one. Not coming out with a whole lot of gusto. Maybe because she wasn’t as comfortable being in a singles match. Morgan Alexander assumed that was the reason, but Brian Young mentioned that she had been in singles matches before. Anyway, Ava took advantage of Bethany seeming to be hesitant. But Bethany eventually turned the tide in her favor with a spinning back kick across Ava’s face. The blow floored the champion, and Bethany quickly went after her. But St James rolled out of the ring and retreated to Simone Williams.

When Ava got back into the ring Bethany went after her, but Ava hit her with a shot to the ribs, and planted the challenger, grabbing Bethany’s hair and slamming her face to the mat. St James then got up and walked around the ring, holding her arms out showing off to the crowd. She then went back to Bethany and pulled her to her feet. She set Tilly up for the Straight Jacket Powerbomb, but Bethany fought out of Ava’s grip and hit her with a roundhouse kick to the skull. She then grabbed St James into a headlock and hit a running bulldog. Bethany quickly got back to her feet and climbed to the middle rope. As the Spirit Champion got back to her feet Tilly jumped and hit a diving dropkick. The momentum was completely with the challenger. As Ava struggled to get up again, Bethany charged and hit a spear.

Bethany hooked Ava’s leg for the pin. 1…2… and Simone grabbed Ava’s leg and placed it on the bottom rope. It looked as if Bethany would have won the match if it weren’t for the interference. The referee talked to Simone about it, and warned her that he’d throw her out if she got involved. Bethany got up and began shouting at Simone, telling the referee that she put Ava’s foot on the rope. She then turned around toward the champion, but was caught with a codebreaker. Ava got up to her knees smiling, and pointing to her head. Morgan Alexander laughed, saying Ava was smarter than Brian. Ava then pulled Bethany up and planted her with the Straight Jacket Powerbomb. She hooked Bethany’s leg for the cover. 1…2…3! Ava St James had successfully retained the Spirit Championship, but without Simone’s help it seemed as if we very well could have seen a new champion.

Backstage | Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
Now the scene cut to Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office. Bobbi Jackson knocked on the door, and entered, asking for a rematch with Quinn Delaney. Cavanaugh said that he saw their interaction tonight, and wanted to see a rematch between the two. He said that the two of them could go at it next week at FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling in Boston. Bobbi asked if she could name the stipulation, and Cavanaugh said that that would be fine.

Ringside | In the Ring
Olivia Lee came down to the ring next. She climbed into the ring and grabbed a microphone. Then she called out her friend Lizzy Kraven. Olivia and Lizzy, known as Lipstick & Powerbombs, held the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles, as well as the FFP Tag Team Titles at one point. Kraven came down to the ring, but with Suki Okada by her side.

Olivia asked Lizzy what had gotten into her, and asked why her and Suki attacked the Tokyo Angels following their match, when it was obvious that they were the better team on that night, and won the match fair and square. Lizzy said that she didn’t want to talk about what happened, but Olivia continued, pressing the subject. Finally Suki took the microphone and said that Olivia needed to back off. Suki said that she was jealous of the success that her and Lizzy had and that without a partner Olivia was just waiting on the chopping block.

Olivia and Suki argued back and forth before Lizzy finally broke them up, shoving Suki back and telling her to leave Olivia alone. However, moments later Lizzy turned around and turned Olivia inside out with a hellacious Kraven Lariat.

Lizzy began putting the boots to Olivia while Suki cheered her on. Lizzy then pulled Olivia up and violently whipped her out of the ring by her hair. Lizzy then took a microphone and told Olivia to back off and keep her nose out of her business.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire backstage in the interview area alongside the FFP Ironwoman Champion Kimber Stiles and her boyfriend Kade Haddix. Raquel asked them about the announcement that they would team up at Devastation to take on Kade’s ex-girlfriend Noel Zelig and Matt Kraven. Kimber said that they weren’t worried at all, because she had already beaten Noel to win the Ironwoman Championship, and Matt Kraven was well past his prime. Kimber said that her and Kade were the new power couple of Full Force Pro, and that there wasn’t a chance in hell that they would walk out of Devastation as the losers.

FFP Network Title
(c) Michael Showtime vs Wyatt Cobb
A hard hitting match for sure. Wyatt Cobb had the advantage when it came to brawling, but Michael Showtime wasn’t a slouch at all. Showtime got the advantage early, using his speed to one-up Cobb. But Wyatt fought back after hitting a low blow when the referee had been inadvertently shoved into the corner. Wyatt then hoisted Showtime up and hit an innovative brainbuster to his knee. Showtime looked to be groggy after the move. So Wyatt went in for the kill, going for his finisher which he called Delight in Your Misery.

But Showtime was able to spin out of the attempt and floor Wyatt with a Flatliner. Showtime then backed away, and as Wyatt pushed himself up, Showtime hit a shining wizard. But the Network Champion wasn’t done. He pulled Wyatt Cobb back up and planted him with a perfect piledriver. It looked to be all over for Wyatt. Showtime grabbed his legs and went to slap on the Show-Shooter. But Wyatt was able to kick free and roll backwards, getting right back to his feet. He went for a right hand to the champion, but Michael ducked it and then hit a back elbow that rocked the challenger. Michael then hooked Wyatt’s arms behind him and planted him with the Pedigree. Showtime made the cover. 1…2…3! Michael Showtime was still the FFP Network Champion!

Now the scene cut backstage where Giuliana Rubio was joined with the FFP Honor Champion Cidio and the tag team of Las Mascaras de Sangre. Giuliana said that Cidio won the FFP Honor Title so quickly, and that the rest of her stable would be holding gold as soon as possible. She said that she promised that she’d be the manager of champions, and she will indeed fulfill that promise.

Backstage | Interview Area
Next we saw Tyrece Beckman in the interview area with the new FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions the Tokyo Angels. Tyrece asked the duo how it felt to finally be the champions. Akane said that it had been a lot of uphill battles but that her and Hisoka continued to keep their eyes on the prize, and finally got to the top of the mountain. Hisoka said that her and Akane had been friends for quite sometime, and now they were looking forward to defending the titles against all challengers here in FFP and around the world.

Courtney Kennedy vs Kenzie Anderson
This, like the Spirit Title match, saw one of the participants come out looking a little hesitant. Courtney Kennedy started the match off slow, but after being taken down by a couple of arm drags from former Spirit Champion Kenzie Anderson, Courtney stepped up and turned the momentum with a couple of hard kicks to the ribs, and a European uppercut that floored Anderson. Kenzie fought back by grabbing a hold of Courtney’s hair and whipping her into the turnbuckles. Then, like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kenzie began to drive her boot into Courtney’s body. Kenzie backed away as Courtney had sunk to a sitting position. Anderson charged and hit a diving meteora against the turnbuckles. She pulled Courtney out from the corner, climbed to the top rope and proceeded to hit a beautiful moonsault. Morgan Alexander said it was the most beautiful thing he had seen going through the air. Kenzie hooked Courtney’s leg, but Courtney kicked out at the count of two.

Kenzie pulled Courtney back up and hooked her for a suplex. But Courtney blocked it, and hit Kenzie with her own, a snap suplex. Kenzie tried to quickly get back up and go after Courtney, but Kennedy hit a back body drop. Then a dropkick. Kenzie fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring. But Courtney didn’t hesitate, hitting the ropes and delivering an over the top suicide dive to Kenzie Anderson. Courtney pulled the blonde back up and tossed her in the ring. She then went to the top rope herself. One of Courtney’s finishers was the 450 Splash, and that is exactly what she went for her. Unfortunately, Kenzie got her knees up. Courtney slammed down onto Kenzie’s knees and rolled around on the mat in pain. She fought to get back to her feet, but when she did she was blasted by the Busaiku Knee. Kenzie then made the cover. 1…2…3! Kenzie Anderson had won the match, but Courtney Kennedy put up a very tough fight.

Backstage | Interview Area
Next we saw Charles South joined by FFP Hall of Famer Daniel Matthews. He asked Daniel what his thoughts were about tonight’s surprises, such as Stuart Cavanaugh bringing his son into FFP. Daniel said he didn’t know Stuart had a son, and he really didn’t care. Daniel said that Benjamin Cavanaugh looked to have a silver spoon in his mouth and probably never had to work a hard day in his life. Matthews said that FFP is becoming over saturated with Cavanaugh and The Conglomerate and that he missed the old days when it was just him, Veronica Clyne and Patrick McCoy feuding with Simply the Best and Matt Kraven running the business and not killing it.

Backstage | Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
The scene cut to Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office, where Olivia Lee burst in. She asked Cavanaugh if he had seen what just happened out there with her and Lizzy Kraven. She then demanded that she get a shot at Lizzy Kraven. Cavanaugh told Olivia to calm down. He said that not enough matches had been set for Devastation yet, and that Lipstick and Powerbombs facing off against each other would be perfect. Olivia said that was fine, but that she couldn’t promise that she wouldn’t give Lizzy a receipt the next time she saw her.

Everett Moses vs George Furst
This match was obviously made in hopes that George Furst would put a beating down on Everett Moses so that Miles Lynch could possibly have an easier time at Devastation. George Furst came out hitting Everett fast and hard. But Everett fought back. The two big men hit each other with everything they had. Hard punches, solid forearms, headbutts and clotheslines. George sent Everett over the top with a hard clothesline, and went out after him. Furst continued pounding on Moses, and repeatedly slamming him back first into the steel guardrail. He then sent Everett back into the ring, and looked like he was about to attempt his Lariat from Hell. But Everett put the brakes on that when he hit an incredible dropkick! Not a move you’d think you’d see from a man of his size. As Furst got back to his feet, Everett scooped him up and slammed him back to the mat. He then hit the ropes, and delivered a giant leg drop across George’s chest. Everett went for the cover, but George kicked out at two.

Everett then looked out to the crowd, and signaled for his finisher, the One Winged Angel. Definitely a move that would prove to be difficult attempting on a big man like Furst. But before Moses could attempt the move, the FFP World Champion Miles Lynch walked down the isle with the World Title draped over his shoulder. The champion’s entrance gained the attention of Everett. And he and Miles began to trash talk one another before Lynch had even reached ringside.

George had gotten back up and this time charged at Everett, but Moses knew better and moved out of the way. Furst ran into the ropes and when he bounced back off, Moses rolled him up in a pin. 1…2…3! Everett had caught George off guard and got the three count. After the pin, Everett got back to his feet, and the World Champion slid into the ring. Using the World Title as a weapon Lynch charged at Everett, but Moses dodged and floored the champion with a clothesline. Miles tried to quickly make his exit, but Moses grabbed him and slammed him back to the mat.

George Furst attempted to grab a hold of Everett, but Moses broke free and clocked the big man with another right hand. Everett then turned back toward the World Champion, but Lynch had collected his World Title and rolled out of the ring. Miles knew he was close to really taking a beating courtesy of his Devastation opponent. Everett pointed at Lynch as he retreated, motioning that soon that World Title would be his.

April 27th FFP presents the second annual Devastation pay-per-view. Last year at this same event Miles Lynch became the FFP World Champion. And one year later he will defend against Everett Moses. Will we see a new World Champion crowned in Philly?

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan vs Population Control w/ Stuart Cavanaugh
Understandably, Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan did look a little intimidated standing up to the likes of Zeke and Able. Population Control had won the OWF Tag Team Titles at the end of 2016, and never ended up losing them. So Detmer and Ryan knew they were in for one hell of a fight. And with the owner and president of FFP at ringside, you had to think the odds were clearly in the favor of the challengers.

That didn’t stop Detmer from planting Able in the center of the ring with a spinebuster. Then tagging in Jason Ryan and the champions hitting Able with a double suplex, then a double clothesline that sent the big man over the top rope. This brought Zeke in who went after the champions. But he was tripped up with a drop toe hold, and Jackson hit him with a hard dropkick to the skull.

Detmer and Ryan weren’t normal speed type guys, but against Population Control it definitely wasn’t a bad gameplan. When it came to power or brawling, Zeke and Able would have the advantage all day. But speed, that was where they were lacking. Eventually Able got back into the ring and squared off with Jason Ryan. Ryan continued trying to stick and move, stick and move. But when Able got ahold of him, he clobbered him with a giant forearm to the back, and pummeled him.

Able then pulled Jason into his corner and made frequent tags to Zeke. The two big men just destroyed Jason. That is until he was able to duck a clothesline and rock Zeke with a spinning elbow. Then, he tagged in Jackson Detmer. Detmer charged into the ring, going at it with both members of Population Control. And at one point, he rammed both of their heads together, knocking Able off the ring apron and causing Zeke to stumble backward. Detmer then hit a chop block, taking Zeke down to the mat. After a couple of knee drops, Detmer locked Zeke in a knee bar. Zeke was obviously in pain. But the big man was able to crawl to the ropes, breaking the hold. But that didn’t stop Detmer from dishing out more punishment. That is until he attempted to hoist Zeke up. Not sure if he was going for his Brainbuster or what, but he ended up straining his back, and then was wiped out with a devastating clothesline. Zeke crawled to his corner and tagged Able back in. Able stepped up to Detmer, who was trying like hell to get to his corner. Able jumped into the air and splashed Detmer, nearly flattening him in the center of the ring.

Able then pulled Jackson up, pulling him toward their corner and hit him with a giant Powerbomb. Able made the cover, not even hooking the leg. Jason Ryan attempted to get into the ring to break up the pin, but Zeke cut him off, hitting him with a right hand and a knee to the gut which send him falling to the mat and rolling out of the ring. Able got the three count, and Population Control were the new FFP Tag Team Champions.

Stuart Cavanaugh grabbed the belts and climbed into the ring, presenting the titles to Zeke and Able and clapping for them both. The Conglomerate added two more pieces of gold to their stable. And out of all the members, Zeke and Able could very well be the most dominating. Who can compete with Population Control?

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