04/16/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

April 16, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Albany, NY

The show began with the former FFP Tag Team Champions Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan making their way to the ring. They said that they wanted a rematch against the new champions Population Control, and said that the old saying of “the bigger they are the harder they fall” will be proven correct whenever they get their shot.

Stuart came out and said that They were crazy if they thought they’d be able to regain the titles. He announced that they’d get their shot at Devastation.

Internet Darlings vs 60 Minute Men
A really good back and forth match. Respectful, yet hard hitting. The Internet Darlings wanted to prove that they were still worthy of the FFP Tag Team Championships while the 60 Minute Men were still looking for a big win for their team. Unfortunately for Vornholt and Harlow, Blaine Edwards was able to hit the Tiger Driver on Harlow for the three count.

Could the Internet Darlings be gunning for another shot at the Tag Team Titles?

Now we saw the FFP Spirit Champion Ava St James backstage with her bodyguard Simone Williams. Ava and Simone approached Stuart Cavanaugh, asking if Simone could have a match with Bethany Tilly to see if Bethany truly deserved a shot at Ava and the Spirit title at Devastation. Stuart said he liked the idea, and the two would wrestle later tonight.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was joined with Olivia Lee. Olivia addressed Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada’s claim that she was jealous of their success, and that is what led to Lizzy turning on Olivia. Olivia said that Lizzy was obviously delusional, and that her turning on her was just proof that their friendship was nothing more than a way for Lizzy to win gold. Olivia said that when her and Lizzy face off at Devastation, she’d like to think that Suki would stay backstage so that the two could settle things one-on-one.

April 27th FFP presents the second annual Devastation pay-per-view. Last year at this same event Miles Lynch became the FFP World Champion. And one year later he will defend against Everett Moses. Will we see a new World Champion crowned in Philly?

Simone Williams w/ Ava St James vs Bethany Tilly
Simone Williams took control, using her size and strength advantage to wear Bethany down. And Ava St James got involved as Bethany began to gain some momentum. However, Bethany was able to send Simone crashing into Ava on the apron, which sent the Spirit Champion crashing to the area floor. Tilly then hit a DDT on Williams for the three count.

The scene quickly cut backstage in the parking area where a brawl had broken out between Matt Kraven and Noel Zelig, and Kade Haddix and Kimber Stiles. FFP officials and security rushed to the scene and pulled apart the combatants.

Now we saw Everett Moses backstage. Stuart Cavanaugh approached and broke the news that tonight he would be wrestling Duncan Wright Jr and Trent Wolfe in a handicap match. Moses asked Cavanaugh what he was going to do when he flattens The Conglomerate and wins the World Title at Devastation.

Anthony Farrow vs Gabriel Nunez w/ Luciana
A fast paced match, that was also very technical. Gabriel stunner Anthony with a Brainbuster and hit a shining wizard for a two count. Nunez then set Farrow up for the Backpack Stunner, but Anthony reversed into a lung blower. Farrow then hit a Superkick and a Teardrop Suplex for a close two count.

Luciana attempted to check on Gabriel, but was inadvertently struck with a baseball slide from Farrow. Anthony attempted to assist Luciana, but Gabriel hooked him in a school boy, pulling the tights and getting the three count.

After the match Gabriel scooped his sister up and headed backstage.

Camila Dinero vs Zoey Kiehl
Another competitive match with Zoey Kiehl having the gameplan of working on Camila’s leg, and more specifically her knee.

As Zoey seemed to be approaching a win, Malaya Diyosa and Mercedes Fairfax came out and began to play mind games with Zoey. Eventually Camila was able to capitalize after a distraction and hit the Money Kick for the three count.

After the match Malaya and Mercedes entered the ring and surrounded Zoey. However Gina Dilano was quick to rush to the ring to assist her friend. Zoey and Gina cleared the ring with Mercedes taking the brunt of the attack. Malaya screamed out that this was far from over.

Stuart Cavanaugh’s Office
The scene now cut to the office of Stuart Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh announced that next week at Tuesday Night Wrestling that Michael Showtime would be defending the FFP Network Title in an elimination four-way match. Cavanaugh said that the three other wrestlers would be wrestlers who had never held gold here in FFP. The three challengers would be FFP newcomer KUMA, Kabir Jindal and Morgan Landings.

Handicap Match
Everett Moses vs Duncan Wright Jr & Trent Wolfe

Obviously the advantage was with Duncan and Trent. Morgan Alexander said that Everett should just throw in the towel, but he continued to fight, eventually getting the upperhand and planting Duncan Wright Jr with a running powerslam.

Trent Wolfe keyed in on Everett, but ended up hitting his partner with a running knee. Wolfe was then hit with the One Winged Angel for the three count.

After the match Population Control came out and began to double team Everett, but the former champions Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan stormed the ring to even the odds. Everett and the former Tag Champs were able to clear the ring and stand proudly in the middle of the ring. Finally Moses had found some allies.

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