04/23/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

April 23, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Pittsburgh, PA

The show began with the entrance of the owner and President of Full Force Pro, Stuart Cavanaugh. Stuart said that he had made a couple of major signings that would be announced at FFP Devastation this Saturday. He also hyped up his son Benjamin Cavanaugh’s debut at Devastation when he will be taking on Daniel Matthews.

Anthony Farrow vs George Furst
Anthony Farrow was definitely the underdog here, but brought the fight to George Furst. However, George had the power and size advantage, and was able to manhandle Anthony and turn him inside out with a Lariat from Hell for the three count.

After the match Gabriel Nunez came out. Nunez had lost to Bryce last week, when Bryce accidentally struck Luciana. Gabriel took advantage of Bryce being down, and pummeled him on the mat.

Backstage | Interview Area
Next we saw Tyrece Beckman joined with Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan in the FFP interview area. They hyped up tonight’s main event, which was them teaming with Everett Moses to face Miles Lynch and the FFP Tag Team Champions Population Control. Detmer and Ryan said that they’d bring the fight tonight and show the world what they planned on doing at Devastation when they win back the Tag Team Titles.

Logan Christopher vs Aiden Conrad
It had been a while since we saw Logan Christopher in the ring. Same for Aiden Conrad. The match was good, with back and forth action. Both men showed off a ton of athleticism. But Logan got the upperhand with a superkick, and hit the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

April 27th FFP presents the second annual Devastation pay-per-view. Last year at this same event Miles Lynch became the FFP World Champion. And one year later he will defend against Everett Moses. Will we see a new World Champion crowned in Philly?

In the Ring
In the ring we saw Quinn Delaney, armed with a microphone. She talked a lot of trash about Bobbi Jackson, which brought the blonde bombshell out to the ring. The two women went nose-to-nose, trading verbal shots back and forth, and the Pittsburgh crowd loved it. Bobbi then said that Quinn had chickened out of their I Quit Match, but that she was ready to beat Quinn down right here right now, and make her scream those two words. Quinn said she didn’t chicken out. Bobbi then quickly piped in, challenging Quinn to an I Quit Match at Devastation. Quinn seemed a little taken back, but accepted the challenge.

Matt Kraven vs Trent Wolfe
Matt Kraven was another superstar we hadn’t seen wrestle in a while. He and Trent Wolfe had battled before, with the crowd loving every minute of it. And this was much of the same. Of course with Trent Wolfe batting for The Conglomerate, the crowd was solidly behind Matt Kraven. And when Stuart Cavanaugh himself got involved, the crowd went nuts, booing Wolfe and Cavanaugh. However, the tide turned when Matt hit Stuart with a Superkick that sent him crashing to the arena floor. Trent Wolfe tried to capitalize on the distraction, but Matt was able to roll Wolfe up in a small package and get the three count for the win!

After the match when Stuart finally got back to his feet, he began to scold Trent for not winning the match, and allowing him to be struck.

Now the scene quickly cut backstage where Kade Haddix and Kimber Stiles had apparently attacked Noel Zelig since Kraven was in action and Noel was left alone. Matt Kraven came into the backstage area and immediately went after Kade and Kimber, but they ran off. The damage had been done, with Noel down on the concrete floor. Kraven began to check on her, watching to make sure Haddix and Stiles didn’t return.

Backstage | Interview Area
The scene cut to the interview area where Raquel St Claire was joined by Lizzy Kraven. Lizzy talked about her match with Olivia Lee this weekend at Devastation. Raquel asked Lizzy if it would be hard to do battle with a former tag team partner and friend. Lizzy said that Olivia’s jealousy has completely destroyed their friendship, and at Devastation this Saturday she’d teach her a lesson.

FFP Ironwoman Title
(c) Kimber Stiles vs Courtney Kennedy

We had already seen Kimber do some damage to Noel Zelig backstage, and now she looked to do the same to Courtney Kennedy. The two went at it in the middle of the ring, with both wrestlers hitting some very impactful moves. Kimber set Courtney up for a piledriver, but Courtney was able to back body drop Kimber. However, the Ironwoman Champion landed on her feet, and cracked Courtney with a hard knee to the head. Courtney dropped to her knees, and Kimber set her up for the Curb Stomp. But Kennedy was able to flatten Kimber with a spear. She hooked Kimber’s leg, but only got a two count. Still, it was close, and Courtney was feeling the momentum.

That is until Kade Haddix came down to ringside. As Courtney set Kimber up for one of her finishers, the Muscle Buster, Kade hopped onto the apron to grab the referee or Courtney’s attention. It worked, with Courtney turning for a moment. When she turned back around, she was hit with a hard kick to the chest, and a tornado DDT. Then, we saw the entrance of Matt Kraven and Noel Zelig. Zelig was still holding her head from the attack earlier. But Noel was quick to lay Kade out with a hard forearm to the skull. This got the attention of Kimber Stiles who began to scream out to Noel, telling her and Kraven to get lost. But when she turned back around toward Courtney, Kennedy destroyed Kimber with a Busaiku Knee. She hooked Kimber’s leg. 1…2…3! Courtney Kennedy had just shocked the world, and became the new FFP Ironwoman Champion!

Noel was obviously pleased with the outcome, seeing the way Kimber had defeated Noel for the Ironwoman Championship. Obviously the war between these two couples had reached the boiling point, and they’d do battle this Saturday at FFP Devastation.

FFP Network Title | 4-Way Match
(c) Michael Showtime vs KUMA vs Kabir Jindal vs Morgan Landings

Another very good title match. Like all other 4-way matches in FFP, it was elimination style. Kabir Jindal was actually the first eliminated which seemed to shock the Pittsburgh crowd. Michael Showtime, KUMA and Morgan Landings had one hell of a match after the elimination, with KUMA hitting a Cradle Shock Driver on Landings for the three count.

Showtime and KUMA went toe-to-toe with both superstars wowing the crowd. But it was Michael Showtime who escaped KUMA Cradle Shock Driver attempt, and hit a beautiful German suplex that turned the title. Showtime then planted KUMA with the Pedigree for the three count.

After the match Showtime and KUMA shook hands. The crowd gave both men a standing ovation.

Backstage | Interview Area
Now we saw Charles South backstage with Bethany Tilly who would be challenging Ava St James at Devastation for the FFP Spirit Championship. Charles asked Bethany if she was ready for the match, and said that she was viewed as the underdog. Bethany said that she was a tag team wrestler and people were used to seeing her be successful as a singles wrestler, but she said that she’d bring the fight to Ava at Devastation, and that following their match, she would be the new FFP Spirit Champion.

Ava St James however wasn’t far away as her and Simone Williams approached. Ava said that Bethany was delusional, and that after the pay-per-view the Spirit Title would stay on the beautiful waist of Ava St James.

Now the scene cut to the women’s locker room where the new Ironwoman Champion Courtney Kennedy burst in and was immediately wrapped in a big hug from her tag team partner Minnie Nova. Courtney let out a scream of excitement and high fived a couple of wrestlers like Zoey Kiehl and Alexis Reed as they celebrated with the new champion.

Six-Man Tag Match
Miles Lynch & Population Control vs Everett Moses, Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan

The main event was wild. Lynch and Moses would meet this Saturday for the World Title while Population Control would defend the Tag Team Titles against Detmer and Ryan. So there was quite a bit of hostility between the two teams. The match had flashes of technical wrestling as well as brawling, but mostly brawling. A couple of times the match spilled to the outside of the ring, but none of these six men were shy about going to the outside to attempt to put a beating on their opponents. Eventually Lynch and Population Control got the best of their opponents, and picked Everett Moses up to ram him back first into the steel ring post.

They repeatedly did this, obviously trying to soften Everett up for Saturday, but Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan were finally able to break it up. However this left them at a disadvantage as Everett was down on the arena floor and he was hurt.

The match had turned into a glorified handicap match. Miles Lynch and Population Control cut the ring in half and destroyed Jackson Detmer. He eventually was able to fight away and tag in Jason Ryan, but Ryan was flattened by a spear from Zeke. Miles Lynch was then tagged in and planted Ryan with the Northern Lights Bomb for the three count.

At the end of the night The Conglomerate stood tall as the winners. Would they ride this momentum into FFP Devastation this Saturday?

This Saturday at FFP Devastation:

• Miles Lynch defends the World Title against Everett Moses
• The Tag Team Titles are on the line when Population Control defends against Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan
• Matt Kraven and Noel Zelig go to war against Kade Haddix and Kimber Stiles
• Ava St James defends the Spirit Title against Bethany Tilly
• And more!

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