04/27/2019 FFP Devastation [PPV]

April 27, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Philadelphia, PA

The show opened up with Brian Young and Morgan Alexander at the commentator’s table hyping up tonight’s event. They talked about Everett Moses being quite a challenge to Miles Lynch, Matt Kraven and Noel Zelig vs Kade Haddix and Kimber Stiles and the debut of Stuart Cavanaugh’s son Benjamin Cavanaugh.

“I Quit” Match
Bobbi Jackson vs Quinn Delaney

This was one violent match. These two had traded heated words on Twitter which led to this feud, and this payoff match. Bobbi came out strong, rocking Quinn early, but Quinn fought back, and after she caught Bobbi with a hard back elbow that looked like it could have broken her nose, Delaney looked to have all the momentum. She worked Bobbi down, but continued to hit high impact moves like a superplex, a missile dropkick, a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a flying knee drop off the top rope. She locked Bobbi in a Liontamer style Boston crab, but Bobbi was able to reach the ropes. Although the fight to the ropes was long and looked excruciating.

Quinn continued working on Bobbi’s back, dropping knees down onto it, and ramming her back first into the steel ring post on the outside of the ring. She hooked her into another Boston crab, hoping this time she’d give up. Whether inside the ring or out, it didn’t matter, if she said “I Quit” that would be all she wrote. But Bobbi didn’t. Instead, she was able to grab Quinn’s foot and trip her up, breaking free from the hold.

Bobbi was able to rock Quinn with a European uppercut, and send her back into the ring. Quinn fought Bobbi off, that is until Jackson floored Quinn with a hard superkick. She attempted to lock Quinn in the Show-Shooter, but Quinn was able to shimmy to the ropes and quickly grab a hold. Bobbi laid in a kick for good measure. As Quinn pulled herself up using the ropes, Bobbi charged and hit a spear that sent both women through the top and middle rope and tumbling to the arena floor. Jackson quickly pulled Delaney back up and tossed her right back into the ring. Bobbi climbed to the top rope, but Quinn quickly put a stop to it. She joined Bobbi up top, but the blonde was able to get the upperhand and hit a dangerous inverted suplex down into the ring. Quinn nearly landed face first. Jackson quickly hooked Quinn in a dragon sleeper.

Quinn was in pain, and reaching hard for the ropes, but Bobbi kept the move locked in, wrenching back on Quinn’s head and neck. Eventually Quinn broke free and attempted to flip over and kick Bobbi off, but Jackson caught Quinn’s legs and immediately hooked in the Show-Shooter. Delaney was close to the ropes, but Bobbi solved that problem by walking her and Quinn to the center of the ring. Then, she squatted down, putting all the pressure she could on the lower back of her rival. Delaney screamed out in pain. She was reaching for the ropes and slapping the mat. Brian Young was convinced she was trying to tap out, although Morgan Alexander said she was just slapping out of frustration.

Quinn fought and clawed trying to get closer to the ropes. But Bobbi was able to walk back toward the center of the ring. After several grueling and punishing moments in the hold, Quinn screamed out, “I Quit!” Morgan quickly tried to soften the blow, saying Quinn had to quit to avoid injury. But the fact of the matter was, Bobbi Jackson had won the match.

Now the scene quickly cut backstage where things were very chaotic. Everett Moses was lying motionless on the arena floor, with FFP referees and wrestlers around him. He was attacked and obviously it had to be The Conglomerate. Would Everett be able to challenge Miles Lynch for the World Championship later tonight?

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Population Control vs Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan

Like their first match, this was hard hitting. Both teams wanted nothing more than to walk out of Philadelphia with the FFP Tag Team Titles. Of course Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan were the underdogs, due to the size difference, as well as Population Control having Stuart Cavanaugh in their corner. Detmer and Ryan attempted to cut the ring in half, and wrestle Able down. The former champions were no slouches when it came to technical wrestling, but Able fought out from the challengers and tagged in Zeke. Zeke cleaned house, rocking Detmer and Ryan multiple times with hard right hands and big forearms. That is until they floored the big man with a dual chop block/clothesline combo. They began working on Zeke’s leg, hoping this would not only soften him up, but also keep him from being able to reach his partner. But Zeke turned Jason Ryan inside out with a short-arm clothesline, and tagged Able back in.

Detmer and Ryan had one more flash of offense, being able to not only floor Able with a double clothesline, but muscle him up onto the top turnbuckle and hit a double superplex for a two count. The Philly crowd thought it was over, and let Population Control know they were unhappy with the kickout with an arena full of jeers. Able tagged Zeke back in, who flattened both Jackson Detmer and Jason Ryan with repeated clothesline. He gorilla pressed Ryan and tossed him out to the arena floor. Then, he hit Detmer with a hellacious spear. Following the spear, he hoisted Detmer up and hit a huge Powerbomb for the 1, 2, 3. Population Control were still your FFP Tag Team Champions.

The scene cut backstage where the new FFP Ironwoman Champion Courtney Kennedy was heading toward the locker room with her new championship on her shoulder. Kimber Stiles stepped in front of her and demanded that at Tuesday Night Wrestling she give her a rematch for the Ironwoman Title, claiming that if it weren’t for Noel Zelig interfering, that Kimber would have made quick work out of Courtney. Courtney said that if she wanted a rematch, she’d gladly give it to her, and then said that tonight maybe she ought to worry about beating Noel Zelig instead of worrying about winning the title back.

FFP Spirit Title
(c) Ava St James w/ Simone Williams vs Bethany Tilly

Ava St James was confident that she’d be walking out with her title. So confident she let Simone hold onto the title during the match. Of course this would make it much easier for Ava to retrieve the belt and attempt to use it as a weapon. Something that did happen about midway through the match.

However, Bethany was able to hit a beautiful dropkick that sent Ava to the mat and the title falling out of the ring. Simone retrieved the title, and Ava was able to clothesline Bethany out of the way. Ava then attempted to distract the referee, giving Simone the opportunity to use the title to strike Bethany. However, the crowd was excited to see Sophie Ishmael come out from the crowd and hit Simone from behind, knocking her into the steel ring post. Ava began to scream at Sophia, demanding she leave the ringside area. Meanwhile Bethany slid back into the ring and the two went one-on-one. This time, Ava didn’t have anyone to help her.

Ava got the best of Bethany for a brief time, setting her up for the Straight Jacket Powerbomb. But Bethany was able to fight out of the finisher attempt and hit a Flatliner on the Spirit Champion. As Ava fought to get back up, she was in perfect position for Bethany to hit a Fameasser. Tilly then made the cover. 1…2…3! Bethany Tilly had defeated Ava St James for the FFP Spirit Title.

Bethany was joined in the ring by Sophia Ishmael who wrapped her up in a hug. The duo hadn’t yet had the championship title win they had been looking for in the tag team division, but this was a win for the both of them. Bethany was presented the Spirit Title and Sophia helped her strap the title around her waist as the crowd cheered.

Backstage | Medical Area
The scene cut to Raquel St Claire who was at the Medical Area. She was asking the FFP doctor about Everett Moses’ condition, but the doc only said that he had been knocked unconscious and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to wrestle tonight or not.

Daniel Matthews vs Benjamin Cavanaugh w/ Stuart Cavanaugh
Most everyone figured that Stuart Cavanaugh would somehow get involved with this one, wanting to see his pride and joy defeat one of the greatest in Full Force Pro history. And most were right. The match was actually very technical with. Benjamin Cavanaugh looking very capable in the ring, and actually rather impressive. But when Daniel Matthews took the momentum and had Benjamin set up for the Death Valley Driver, Stuart got on the microphone and announced that the match was No Disqualification. Then, Benjamin slid off of Daniel’s shoulders and hit a low blow. A move that would have gotten him disqualified seconds later.

He pulled Daniel back to his feet and hit his finisher, the Code Breaker. Stuart cheered his son on as Benjamin hooked Daniel’s leg for the pin. 1…2…3! Benjamin Cavanaugh had defeated Daniel Matthews in his debut match.

Stuart joined his son in the ring, hugging him and lifting his arm in the air. The whole arena filled with boos as the father/son duo left the ring.

Olivia Lee vs Lizzy Kraven
Another heated feud with former Women’s Tag Team Champions going toe-to-toe. It had been a while since FFP fans had seen Lizzy Kraven be as ruthless as she was against her former partner. In fact, Lizzy laid Olivia out early with a Kraven Lariat that looked to seal the deal. But instead of going for a cover, Lizzy chose to playfully kick Olivia in the head. Olivia eventually fought her way back up and muscled Lizzy into the corner, where she repeatedly rammed her shoulder into Kraven’s midsection.

Olivia then took Lizzy up to the top turnbuckle and hit a superplex. She could have covered Lizzy, but Olivia opted to pull Kraven back to her feet, scoop her up and plant her with a British Bulldog style running powerslam. Olivia was feeling it. She had the upper hand and the crowd was solidly behind her. Suki Okada then rushed to ringside, jumping onto the apron and grabbing at Olivia. But Olivia hit Suki with a forearm that was so devastating that Suki’s body went limp and she fell to the arena floor. Olivia then turned around only to get floored by a Lizzy Kraven spear.

Lizzy pulled Olivia up and proceeded to hit the Tornado Bomb. Kraven made the cover. 1…2… and Olivia kicked out! The crowd loved it, cheering Olivia on. Lizzy shook her head in disbelief. Then she pulled Olivia back up, and set her up for another Tornado Bomb. But this time, Lee back body dropped Lizzy. And when Lizzy got back to her feet, Olivia hit her with her own Kraven Lariat. Lizzy has been turned inside out! Olivia shouted out to the crowd. And as Lizzy pushed herself back up, standing on wobbly legs, Olivia hoisted her up in a gorilla press position. Olivia’s power was impressive. However before she could do anything else, Suki Okada slid into the ring and hit a chop block from behind.

Olivia crumbled to the mat, with Lizzy landing on top of her. Lizzy and Suki then began pummeling Kraven’s former partner. The referee called for the bell, obviously awarding the match to Olivia Lee by disqualification. But that didn’t stop the beating that Lizzy and Suki were dishing out. And after another Tornado Bomb and a Kraven Lariat, Suki went and grabbed a table. Lizzy then proceeded to spike Olivia through the table with a dangerous powerbomb.

Lizzy and Suki celebrated their beatdown, and left the ring as the FFP medical staff checked on Olivia.

Ringside | In the Ring
Now Stuart Cavanaugh came back out to the ring. He said that he had teased an announcement about a few signings that he had made, and wanted to make the announcement tonight. Cavanaugh announced that he had re-signed Matt Evanston to resurrect the FFP Hall of Fame tag team the American Bulldogs! The Philly crowd gave a big cheer for this, but he had other news as well. Cavanaugh announced that he had also re-signed FFP Hall of Famer April Hunter who would be the Bulldogs’ manager!

Noel Zelig & Matt Kraven vs Kimber Stiles & Kade Haddix
This was a wild one, with a lot of brawling, and the match spilling to the outside of the ring on different occasions. Kimber Stiles was looking for revenge on Noel for distracting her during her Ironwoman Title loss to Courtney Kennedy, and Kimber made it apparent that she was out to hurt Noel, attempting a piledriver not only in the arena floor, but on the ring apron as well.

Luckily for Noel Kimber was unsuccessful, but did end up hitting a piledriver on Zelig on the steel ring steps, which looked extremely dangerous and scary. The crowd seemed shocked when the move was hit, but after several moments Noel not only got back to her feet, but brought the fight back to Stiles.

Kraven and Haddix went at it hard too, with Kraven hitting a DDT off the top rope that looked like it should have been the end of the match. But Kimber came in and broke up the pin. This led to Noel entering the ring and rocking Stiles with a hellacious spinning elbow. As chaos ensued once against, Kade Haddix had grabbed Noel’s hair and drug her to the corner. This prompted the referee to attempt to separate the two. But while he was distracted, Kimber Stiles hit Kraven with a hard kick to the groin. The men in the crowd all let out a groan as Matt dropped to his knees. Kade then released Noel and hit a devastating shining wizard to Matt Kraven. Haddix then hooked Kraven’s leg. 1…2…3! Kade Haddix and Kimber Stiles had stolen a victory from Matt Kraven and Noel Zelig. And apparently this war was far from over.

Ringside | In the Ring
Now the scene cut to ringside where FFP Women’s Champion Masina came out. She said that she was okay with having a night off, but she felt like a fight and issued an open challenge for the Women’s Championship. Quite an opportunity for any woman backstage.

The challenge was answered by Minnie Nova. Minnie’s tag team partner Courtney Kennedy had just won the FFP Ironwoman Title, and it looked as if Minnie was hoping to add some more gold to the team.

Minnie was at a very big weight disadvantage. But this didn’t stop her from striking Masina with some really hard kicks. She then hit a running big boot that sent the Women’s Champion stumbling back. Nova charged at the Champion again, but this time got floored by a clothesline. Masina immediately hit two hard leg drops. And just like that the momentum had swung.

Minnie tried to fight back to her feet, but Masina pulled her back up and hoisted her in the air, hitting a big gorilla press slam. Masina then climbed to the middle turnbuckle and hit a big splash. A three count later and Masina’s early year-long title reign was still intact.

On May 25 FFP will present the second annual FFP Vendetta pay-per-view. Live from Topeka, Kansas, you will see the likes of The Conglomerate, Noel Zelig, Masina, Matt Kraven, Austin Briggs, Evan Kaine and Randi Wilson. Don’t miss it!

FFP World Title
(c) Miles Lynch w/ The Conglomerate vs Everett Moses
Now it was time for the main event! Or was it? Miles Lynch came to the ring with the entire Conglomerate stable. Stuart Cavanaugh got on the microphone and said that if Everett Moses couldn’t come down right now, that he forfeited the match tonight and Miles Lynch would have a much deserved night off.

As Lynch held the FFP World Title for the Philadelphia crowd to see. And just as Cavanaugh was about to announce that Everett had forfeited, his music hit the speakers, and out he came. Miles Lynch’s smiling cocky face turned into one of disbelief. Moses climbed into the ring and the match was on.

Everett had to be at a disadvantage, being attacked earlier in the night. And with Lynch knowing that, he went right after Everett’s head. Miles took control, wrestling Moses down but also making sure to give him some stuff blows to the head as well. Lynch then went for an early Northern Lights Bomb, but Moses blocked it and hit the champ with a hard right hand. The blow dropped Miles to one knee. And when he got back to his feet, Everett hit another right hand. Then, he slammed the Champion with a belly-to-belly suplex. Everett looked to almost go for a pin, but instead he pulled the Champion up and hit a scoop slam. Then Everett hit the ropes and dropped a big leg across Lynch’s chest.

Everett got up and let out a yell. Trent Wolfe quickly climbed onto the apron but Moses hit him with a right hand that knocked him back to the arena floor. He then turned his attention back to Miles. He pulled the World Champion up and set him up for the One-Winged Angel. But Miles reached down and dug his fingers into Everett’s eyes. Lynch was then able to slip off of the challenger’s shoulders and proceeded to hit a snap German suplex. Moses got back to his feet, but Miles showed incredible strength by tossing him over with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Everett again tried to push himself up, but Lynch charged and hit a running knee to the side of the head. Then he made the cover. 1…2… and Everett kicked out.

Miles pulled the challenger back up and planted him with a DDT. Then he went for another cover, but got the same result, a two count. Lynch was frustrated. He looked out to his stable, then back to the challenger. He began to pummel Everett with kicks and stomps. Then he pulled him up by his hair, and hit the ropes. He was going for a clothesline or a spear, but Everett put a stop to it with a simple big boot. Lynch hit the mat hard. Everett then hit the ropes and showed off a little athleticism with a senton. Lynch then called for the end. He hoisted Miles up onto his shoulders again and hit the One-Winged Angel! Moses then made the cover. And Stuart Cavanaugh audibly yelled, “No! No!”

1…2… and Miles kicked out! Everett couldn’t believe it. And The Conglomerate cheered.

Moses pulled Lynch up again and put him back onto his shoulders. Would another One-Winged Angel do the job? As Everett went for the finisher again, Miles was able to reverse it into a victory roll. The ref made the count. 1…2… and Everett kicked out. The two men shot up to their feet and hit a simultaneous clothesline. Both men were down, and looked to be out!

Both men began to slowly move at the same time, trying to push themselves to their feet. They met in the middle of the ring and began trading hard punches, forearms, elbows and chops. Moses got the best of the exchange, flooring the Champion with two clotheslines. Lynch got back up and went for a clothesline of his own, but Everett ducked it and hit an impressive superkick! Moses then climbed to the top rope, something we hardly ever saw him do. He proceeded to hit a flying headbutt. However after the impact, Everett laid motionless on the mat. He couldn’t capitalize. And because of his knockout earlier, you could only assume he reaggravated something with the headbutt.

Eventually Miles was able to regain his composure. He flipped Everett over and made the cover. 1…2… and Everett kicked out! The Philadelphia crowd cheered with excitement.

Miles pulled Everett up and this time successfully planted him with the Northern Lights Bomb. He then hooked the challenger’s leg. This had to be it, right?!

1…2… and Moses kicked out yet again! What?!

Lynch was frustrated. He looked out to Stuart, Trent, Population Control and the rest. Then he pulled Everett up again. He hit Everett with a few hard elbows to the head, hoisted him up and hit ANOTHER Northern Lights Bomb! Lynch then flipped Moses over into his stomach, and locked in a Crippler Crossface. Everett was out. He was motionless. Lynch has the hold locked in tight, with strands of Everett’s long hair trapped under Lynch’s hands and covering some of his face. The referee checked with Everett, warning him that if he couldn’t answer, he’d be forced to call it. He raised Everett’s arm, and it fell limp. The referee called for the bell. Miles Lynch had successfully retained the World Championship!

Miles broke the hold and was awarded his championship. He stayed down on his knees, with the title across his legs. As Everett began to move Lynch pulled him up to a sitting position. The two spoke briefly and Lynch extended his hand. The Philly crowd was a little surprised, but happy to see a handshake after the main event. Miles then rolled out of the ring and left with The Conglomerate.

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