4th of July Event

4th of July Event Events

Date Main Event Location Link
07/04/2018 Noel Zelig vs Veronica Clyne for the FFP Ironwoman Title Atlanta, GA Click Here
07/04/2017 Daniel Matthews vs Matt Kraven for the HONOR World Title Kansas City, MO Click Here
07/04/2016 ATM vs Hayden Flowers for the OWF Title Cincinnati, OH Click Here
07/04/2015 Patrick McCoy & Christopher Morgan vs Logan Christopher & Daniel Matthews Louisville, KY Click Here
07/04/2014 Nina Fox & Lizzy Kraven vs The Kingdom Columbus, OH Click Here

4th of July Event Posters

  4th_of_july_2016_poster 4th_of_july_2015_ad

4th of July Event Facts

• In 2018, Noel Zelig successfully retained the Ironwoman Title in the main event against Veronica Clyne.
• In 2017, Matt Kraven defeated Daniel Matthews for the HONOR World Title. Also Population Control beat Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen for the HONOR Tag Team Titles.
• In 2016, Odell Porter ended the 470-day Adrenaline Title reign of Christopher Morgan. Also Hayden Flowers beat ATM for the OWF Championship.
• In 2014, the American Bulldogs defeated the Two Man Mafia for the Tag Team Titles.

2020 4th of July Event Preview

Coming Soon!

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