4th of July Event

4th of July Event History

• In 2018, Noel Zelig successfully retained the Ironwoman Title in the main event against Veronica Clyne. Also Alexander Modest retained the Honor Title against Kade Haddix.
• In 2017, Matt Kraven defeated Daniel Matthews for the HONOR World Title. Also Population Control beat Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen for the HONOR Tag Team Titles.
• In 2016, Odell Porter ended the 470-day Adrenaline Title reign of Christopher Morgan. Also Hayden Flowers beat ATM for the OWF Championship.
• In 2015, Daniel Matthews and Logan Christopher defeated Christopher Morgan and Patrick McCoy in the main event.
• In 2014, the American Bulldogs defeated the Two Man Mafia for the Tag Team Titles. Also Lizzy Kraven turned on Nina Fox, helping Veronica Clyne and joining The Kingdom.

FFP 4th of July Event Posters

  4th_of_july_2016_poster 4th_of_july_2015_ad

2018 4th of July Event Preview

FFP Ironwoman Title

(c) Noel Zelig vs Veronica Clyne
Noel Zelig will face her toughest task as the Ironwoman Champion, battling FFP Hall of Famer Veronica Clyne. Can Noel get past the first female to ever hold the FFP World Championship? Or will Veronica Clyne win her first title in years?

FFP Honor Title
(c) Alexander Modest w/ Katya Dementieva vs Kade Haddix

This is Kade Haddix’s last chance at the FFP Honor Title. Can Kade finally get past Modest’s distractions and outside interference and win back the title he lost to Alexander?

Six-Man Tag Match
#EgoTrip vs Trent Wolfe & Assault & Battery

Trent Wolfe and Aiden Conrad have been in quite the feud as of late. And the Tag Team Champion Rich Brothers have heat with Assault & Battery. Will the squared circle be enough to hold all of this chaos?

Tokyo Bomb Angels vs Outta Your League
The Tokyo Bomb Angels are ready to make the climb to the Women’s Tag Team Titles. But Outta Your League stands in their way, and intends to make a name for themselves as well.

Logan Christopher vs Duncan Wright Jr
The last match announced for the 2018 edition of FFP 4th of July is Logan Christopher vs Duncan Wright Jr. Both wrestlers are very capable inside the squared circle. We are excited to see these two clash on Independence Day.


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