Aggravated Assault

Aggravated Assault Events

Date Main Event Location Link
03/26/2017 Daniel Matthews vs Odell Porter for the FFP World Title Tokyo, Japan Click Here
03/20/2016 Logan Christopher vs Joey DeMarco for the FFP World Title Tokyo, Japan Click Here
03/22/2015 Adam Hyatt vs Anarchy for the FFP World Title Tokyo, Japan Click Here
03/30/2014 Lizzy Kraven vs Patrick McCoy for the FFP World Title Baltimore, MD Click Here

Aggravated Assault Posters

aggravated_2017_poster image aggravated_assault_2015_ad_ aggravated_assault_2015_ad

Aggravated Assault Facts

• The 2017 Aggravated Assault was the last event with this name. The pay-per-view would be replaced with FFP Tokyo Rumble.
• In 2017, Fiona Burke won the Women’s Tokyo Cup and Kashimanaki won the Men’s Tokyo Cup.
• In 2016, Veronica Clyne beat Brandi Moore to win the Women’s Tokyo Cup in her final match. Joey DeMarco defeated Logan Christopher to win the Men’s Tokyo Cup and the FFP World Title.
• In 2015, Christopher Morgan defeated Eddie Siebenthaler for the Adrenaline Title.
• In 2011, Chris Kraven beat Matt Kraven to win control of FFP.
• In 2009, Daniel Matthews defeated Christopher Morgan for the World Title.
• In 2009, Matt Kraven turned on Veronica Clyne to assist Brandi Moore in winning the Diamond Title in a Triple Threat.

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