Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory History

• In 2017, Simply the Best Defeated the Tamatoas for the FFP Team Titles. Taylor Clawson defeated Brandi Moore in the main event.
• In 2016, Mikhail Vakhrov defeated Anarchy for the FFP Television Title. Also Daniel Matthews successfully defended the FFP World Title against Genocide. Quinn Delaney was named Miss FFP 2016.
• In 2015, Hades defeated Lizzy Kraven to win the FFP Cruiserweight Title. Also Nina Fox was named Miss FFP 2015.
• In 2014, Nina Fox defeated Veronica Clyne to win the FFP World Title, and to also win 100% control of FFP for Matt Kraven. Also Brandi Moore was named the very first Miss FFP.
• Blaze of Glory was always FFP’s July pay-per-view, but was moved to August in 2014.
• In 2009, Christopher Morgan defeated Matt Kraven for the FFP World Title.

Blaze of Glory Posters

 bog_2016_poster image  veronica_nina_banner

2018 Blaze of Glory Preview

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