FFP 16-to-1 Tournament: Night 3

Date: December 8, 2017
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Commentators: Morgan Alexander
Samantha West

The show opened up with a recap of Night 1 and Night 2 of the 16-to-1 Tournament. More tournament matches would be taking place tonight as well as next Friday. Then the finals, at FFP Throwback!

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FFP 2017 16-to-1 Tournament: Night 1

Date: December 1, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Commentators: Morgan Alexander
Samantha West

The first event of the 2017 FFP 16-to-1 Tournament kicked off with a short video about the eight women who would be competing on this night. Then the cameras cut to Morgan Alexander and Samantha West standing at the commentator’s table. A lot of positive signs in the crowd for Samantha West. Some negative ones about Morgan. They welcomed everyone to the show, and then sent it to ringside for the first match.

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16-to-1 Tournament Bracket Reveal

We now have the official bracket for the 2017 FFP 16-to-1 Tournament. We continue to talk about how this tournament seems to be absolutely star studded, and could be the best lineup of women we have ever seen. That isn’t a marketing ploy, it is the truth.

We currently don’t have a set date for when the tournament will begin, but we do have quite a few details, such as the tournament brackets, as well as knowing that we will present a few FFP special events that revolve solely around this amazing tournament. We also know the two commentators who will host the entire tournament. FFP commentator Morgan Alexander and former FFP Women’s Tag Team and Diamond Tag Team Champion Samantha West!

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The Final Four Participants Announced for the 16-to-1 Tournament

The 16-to-1 Tournament is now officially filled. 16 or the best women wrestlers have signed up and now we await the announcement of the brackets. We have stated that this year’s tournament will be filled with action packed matchups, and we can’t help but think we are right. Let’s meet the newest, and final four participants.

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The Next Four in Our 16-to-1 Tournament

This past Thursday we met the first four to enter the third annual FFP 16-to-1 Tournament. We met (or was reintroduced to) the returning FFP alum Pandora, the young and eager Minnie Nova, the powerful ring very Jazzy Faye and Veronica Clyne’s trainee Gina Dilano.

Four very impressive ladies. But today, we meet the next four, bringing our total to eight, halfway through the participants of this year’s tournament.

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