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05/13/2017 FFP SSN

May 13, 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The show opened up with Austin Briggs already in the ring. Austin said that he had made his return after a huge injury and fought off the likes of Mikhail Vakhrov, but now he was ready to prove that he was back and in the best shape of his life. He was interrupted by Anarchy, who came out and said that if he wanted to prove how good he was, why not face him tonight. Briggs agreed and the match was set.

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01/14/2017 FFP SSN


January 14, 2017
Detroit, Michigan

The show opened up with Mary Faith Brooks coming out and explaining that because of Anarchy ruining the World Title Match last night at FFP Friday the 13th, that Daniel would defend his title against Odell Porter in the main event of FFP Frost Bite next Sunday.

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