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FFP Friday the 13th Matches (more to come)

This month FFP will have the opportunity to present FFP Friday the 13th, a very rare event. Love from Phoenix, Arizona, we plan to showcase some matches that could be considered one-time matches.

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04/15/2017 FFP SSN

April 15, 2017
Atlanta, Georgia

The show began with the FFP World Champion coming down the isle with his group of Dani Rawlings, Kyle Donovan and Tabitha Mullins by his side. Daniel took a microphone and talked about how his cage match with Odell Porter would be a war, and it would wrap their feud up once and for all. Matthews told Odell that he would like to look him in the eyes, shake his hand and wish him luck. The crowd seemed confused. Was it a trap? Or was Daniel turning a new leaf?

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Who Should Challenge for the Women’s Title?


As FFP fans know Full Force Pro takes it’s Women’s Division very seriously. Quinn Delaney is the current Women’s Champion, but we are looking to you, the fans to decide her next opponent.

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Aubrey Moresi Gets the Call Up


Aubrey Moresi has been called up from the OWF

After being double teamed by Giovanni Gotch and the returning Katrina Cabrera at Lethal Injection, Lizzy Kraven came into last night’s SSN with some backup of her own. A standoff between the three women took place, and just before another 2-on-1 attack could ensue, Lizzy announced that she and a partner of her choosing would be taking on Giovanni and Katrina in a tag team match at The Haunting on October 30. Lizzy then announced her partner to be now-former OWF Superstar, and FFP’s latest call-up, Aubrey Moresi. Lizzy and Aubrey then cleared the ring of Giovanni and Katrina, and stood tall.

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