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Austin Briggs and Anarchy on the Same Page?

Anarchy and Austin Briggs have been in a heated feud lately. But things change…

The last few months we have seen Austin Briggs and Anarchy attempt to absolutely tear the other apart. Sneak attacks, low blows, chairshot, etc. But on Sunday night at FFP’s biggest event of the year, Briggs and Anarchy flipped the script on us.

After a tremendous match between Daniel Matthews and Christopher Morgan, a match made to determine the true “icon” of FFP, Matthews and Morgan shook hands. The members of both superstars’ stables from the early days of FFP came out and seemed to make peace. It was a great moment, not only on the show, but in the history of FFP. Seeing the Soul Assassins and Simply the Best shake hands and embrace, and put their feud to rest after ten years, could’ve brought a tear to some people’s eye.

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07/01/2017 FFP SSN

July 1, 2017
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The show opened up with the reigning HONOR World Champion Daniel Matthews. Daniel came out and said that after talking to reliable sources that Matt Kraven was not in Detroit last weekend and therefore he wanted Matt to come to the ring.

Matt came to the ring. Daniel then apologized, saying he was sorry he accused Matt have having his music play and causing a distraction at last week’s SSN main event. Matt accepted the apologize and the two friends shook hands.

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Austin Briggs Gives His Lethal Injection Predictions

This afternoon sat down with former FFP World Champion Austin Briggs who is still recovering from injury. Briggs gave his predictions for Sunday’s FFP Lethal  Injection pay-per-view.

Here is what he had to say.

Handicap Match
Masina vs The Queendom

The Queendom are former Diamond Tag Team Champions. But Masina is one big scary chick. I think Masina will hold her own, but the 2-on-1 will eventually catch up to her. The Queendom in a close one.

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BREAKING: Austin Briggs Tears Quad in Brawl

Day three of the FFP Tour of Japan was definitely the most violent day of the annual tour’s history.

Tonight two huge brawls broke out, both pitting big names from FFP taking on big names from HONOR Wrestling. One of FFP’s big names, Austin Briggs.

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02/25/2016 FFP Thursday Night Madness


FFP Thursday Night Madness | February 25, 2016
Orlando, Florida

The show opened up with the HONOR Tag Team Champions Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen, and Eddie Siebenthaler in the ring. They talked up Joey DeMarco and talked about how if Matt Kraven was able to wrestle again that Joey DeMarco would get his rematch and take the HONOR World Title back from Kraven.

Daniel Matthews interrupted, asking where Joey was and talking about how he was a coward. Daniel said that by the end of the night that he would teach DeMarco a lesson for all of his trash talk on Twitter, and most importantly how he attack Matt after his match. Eddie Siebenthaler told Daniel that he would see Joey sooner than he thought.

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02/21/2016 FFP Desperate Measures (PPV)


FFP Desperate Measures
February 21, 2016 | Orlando, Florida

The show began with the lowering of the steel cage. Full Force Pro hadn’t seen a lot of steel cage matches, and the cage match coming up had the potential to be the most violent one FFP had ever seen.

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Veronica Clyne’s Desperate Measures Predictions

Prince Tau vs Jason Copeland
“Tau is all about strength and power. We introduced him as part of The Kingdom way back when. I see him flattening Copeland here.”

Last Man Standing Match
Travis Banks vs Teddy Wagner

“Tag teams breaking up the way these two did are the most personal. I see bloodshed written all over this match. Banks was the one wronged, and has been sneak attacked many times. I predict he finally gets vengeance tonight.”

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