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Two Well Knowns Sign with FFP

This week at Tuesday Night Wrestling we saw two professional wrestling superstars sitting ringside. Their names, Michael Showtime and Bobbi Jackson. Showtime and Bobbi have made their way through many professional wrestling companies finding success everywhere they went. And as rumors began to circulate about Showtime coming out of retirement, many believed that this couple could end up inside a Full Force Pro squared circle. And when fans saw them sitting ringside Tuesday, the rumors were nearly confirmed.

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Full Force Pro Signs Multiple Wrestlers

Stuart Cavanaugh has been a busy man as of late. Along with his new girlfriend Petra Cruise, the duo have been going out and scouting talent. This morning has learned that Cavanaugh has offered contracts to several wrestlers, many of which make up multiple tag teams, and many of which are from overseas.

Cavanaugh could be looking to add more tag teams to the division, seeing how currently there are only seven active teams, including Population Control, who is a tag team that is part of Cavanaugh’s stable, The Conglomerate.

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Full Force Pro Sold Sunday Morning

Since Full Force Pro was created in 2008, the federation only belonged to one man, Matt Kraven. That is if you don’t include the few times that Kraven had it stolen or won from him by the likes of his brother Chris or his then wife Veronica Clyne. Matt Kraven described the company as his “baby”, putting everything into it. Whether it be money, hours, sweat or tears. But earlier today, everything changed.

I guess “everything” changed isn’t quite accurate. Full Force Pro will still be Full Force Pro. It will still present the Mid-Summer Classic tonight. It will still present Tuesday Night Wrestling every Tuesday evening. And it will still do it’s absolute best to give you the best in-ring wrestling action in the entire world. But as of noon today, July 22nd, Matt Kraven no longer owns Full Force Pro.

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She’s Back to Run the Show!

Most of you should remember the brief but memorable run that Mary Faith Brooks had as the interim-President of Full Force Pro back in December of 2016. Although it didn’t last long, Mary seemed to know what she was doing and always kept the best interest of FFP as her number one priority.

Well, as of this morning Mary Faith Brooks is back as the full time President of FFP. With Matt Kraven’s recent injury, the owner of FFP Amanda Kraven has decided to take time off to be with her husband, and decided on Mary as the new full time President. The absence of Amanda or for that matter Matt Kraven has not timetable. So Mary will be fulfilling the duties of FFP President on a full time basis from this point forward.

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Matt Kraven Hospitalized after Title Loss at Devastation

Last night at FFP Devastation Matt Kraven put his FFP World Championship on the line against his former stablemate Miles Lynch. The match was hard hitting to say the least. Both men landed several stiff hard shots that could be heard in the nose bleed section of the arena in Austin, Texas. After a very grueling match, Miles Lynch got the three count, and walked away the new FFP World Champion. But after the match ended, things took a turn for the worst.

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BREAKING: Matt Evanston and Zoey Kiehl Injured Last Night

Last night during FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling Matt Evanston and Zoey Kiehl were both victims of violent attacks. The attacks weren’t perpetrated by Matt and Amanda Kraven but instead it was a punishment handed out from Matt and Amanda.

Matt Evanston ended up defeating Everett Moses in his match, however was the victim of a powerbomb onto the edge of the apron of the ring. Evanston was stretchered out of be arena as a result of this devastating maneuver.

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Look Who’s Back!

Full Force Pro has been in the midst of a roster expansion ever since it was announced that Amanda Kraven had taken over as owner and President of FFP. There have been rumblings of a new developmental territory or a new relationship with another federation, as well as an all-woman wrestling promotion, or some new championships that would revolve around the women of Full Force Pro.

The rumors will now only get stronger as Full Force Pro has officially welcomed FFP Hall of Famer April Hunter back to our prestigious Women’s Division. We are very excited to see April step back through the ropes of a FFP ring. It has been quite some time since the last time we saw her compete in Full Force Pro. And the last time she did appear, she was in the corner of Matt Kraven when Kraven put the HONOR World Title on the line against Daniel Matthews at FFP Uprising in June of 2017.

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