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BREAKING: Matt Evanston and Zoey Kiehl Injured Last Night

Last night during FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling Matt Evanston and Zoey Kiehl were both victims of violent attacks. The attacks weren’t perpetrated by Matt and Amanda Kraven but instead it was a punishment handed out from Matt and Amanda.

Matt Evanston ended up defeating Everett Moses in his match, however was the victim of a powerbomb onto the edge of the apron of the ring. Evanston was stretchered out of be arena as a result of this devastating maneuver.

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Look Who’s Back!

Full Force Pro has been in the midst of a roster expansion ever since it was announced that Amanda Kraven had taken over as owner and President of FFP. There have been rumblings of a new developmental territory or a new relationship with another federation, as well as an all-woman wrestling promotion, or some new championships that would revolve around the women of Full Force Pro.

The rumors will now only get stronger as Full Force Pro has officially welcomed FFP Hall of Famer April Hunter back to our prestigious Women’s Division. We are very excited to see April step back through the ropes of a FFP ring. It has been quite some time since the last time we saw her compete in Full Force Pro. And the last time she did appear, she was in the corner of Matt Kraven when Kraven put the HONOR World Title on the line against Daniel Matthews at FFP Uprising in June of 2017.

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Breaking News! This Wednesday FFP presents another Special Wednesday Warfare!

It was announced earlier today on the owner and President of FFP Amanda Kraven’s Twitter that Full Force Pro would present another special episode of FFP Wednesday Warfare. This time the event will be held live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Don’t miss it, this Wednesday night, where surely there will be some fallout from last night’s FFP Desperate Measures pay-per-view.


Roster Expansion Continues

The owner and President of Full Force Pro Amanda Kraven has said that she is working hard on expanding FFP’s current roster. She said that having a name here in the federation won’t guarantee you a top spot, but she wants people getting in the squared circle and proving their worth. Kraven has already signed some new faces (as well as a few familiar) like Carla Ray, Logan Christopher, Eddie Siebenthaler and Dash Cormac. But the list has grown a little longer as of today.

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FFP Signs 3 Men and 3 Women

Yesterday afternoon into the evening, the offices of Full Force Pro in Cincinnati were extremely busy. Contracts were passed out to quite a few different superstars. Superstars that are now exclusively signed to Full Force Pro.

First of all, is a FFP original, former FFP World Champion and a member of the FFP Hall of Fame. We are pleased to announce that Logan Christopher has signed with Full Force Pro.

Logan not only is a former FFP World Champion, but also a former Tag Team and Cruiserweight Champion. We are excited to see Logan back in a FFP ring on a full time basis.

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Four English Wrestlers Sign with FFP

Although two out of the four have already wrestled for FFP on many different occasions, FFP is proud to announce the signing of four talented wrestlers from the country of England.

Full Force Pro used to have a working relationship with the World Wrestling Society. The WWS, although short lived, was very proud of their in-ring product. One of the many reasons that we worked so well with the company. But with their closing, it has given some of their superstars an opportunity to sign with Full Force Pro, and be able to show their skills on an even greater scale.

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Breaking News Regarding the Future of Full Force Pro

We here are Full Force Pro apologize for what has seemed like an eternity of inactivity. The cable company that we have been working with had made the decision to not only change our timeslot to our show without any suggestion from us, but also demanded to control some of the creative on FFP television. We absolutely feel that we are easy to work with, but to give up some of our creative rights does not seem fair to us, or to our faithful fans.

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