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Daniel Matthews Injured After Trent Wolfe Attack

At the first ever FFP Winter Jam event, Daniel Matthews and Kennedy Matthews made it to the finals of the tournament, losing to Evan Kaine and Ava St James. But at the end of the show, things took a turn for the worst.

Trent Wolfe came out and viciously attacked Daniel and Kennedy Matthews with a Singapore Cane. One of the shots from the cane came right across the side of Daniel’s face. Wolfe and Matthews have been involved in a hate filled feud for quite some time, but even this shocked FFP fans.

Our staff here at has learned that Daniel Matthews suffered a fracture to the orbital bone in the attack. Matthews will be out of action for about two weeks time unless the medical staff here at FFP feels he needs a longer period of time to heal.

We wish Daniel the best in his recovery, and look forward to seeing him back in the ring soon!


01/29/2019 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

January 29, 2019
Brian Young
Morgan Alexander
Dallas, TX

The show opened up with the entrance of The Conglomerate. Like many Tuesday Night Wrestling episodes, Stuart Cavanaugh took the microphone and welcomed everyone to the show. Then, he said that everyone had been asking him who Miles Lynch was going to defend the FFP World Championship against at Desperate Measures. Cavanaugh said even Miles himself had asked. Stuart said that after much consideration, he decided that next week’s show would feature a battle royal that would determine the new number one contender, and that wrestler would challenge Miles at Desperate Measures. Cavanaugh then warned Miles, saying he had hand pick some of the best in the world to compete in said battle royal.

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08/19/2018 FFP Glory 2018

Date: August 19, 2018
Location: Chicago, IL
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the Chicago crowd going crazy, ready for FFP’s biggest event of the year. Then, those who were inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame last night were announced. And Patrick McCoy, Giovanni Gotch and the American Bulldogs came out onto the stage and took a bow. The crowd gave them a standing ovation.

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January Merrit Interviews Matt Kraven

FFP’s newest news correspondent had the opportunity to interview Matt Kraven only days after he attacked his former best friend, FFP Hall of Famer Daniel Matthews.

Here is that interview.

JM: Matt Kraven. It’s a pleasure to sit down and chat with you.

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07/04/2017 FFP 4th of July

FFP 4th of July
July 4, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri

The show opened up with fireworks going off all over the arena. The ring had the traditional red, white and blue ropes.

The crowd cheered as the HONOR Women’s Champion Aubrey Moresi came down to the ring. She took the microphone and spoke about her upcoming title defense at Mid-Summer Classic. Aubrey will defend her title in a 6-Woman Ladder Match, also involving Ariana Chaos, Kemina, Lizzy Kraven, Kenzie Anderson and Lacey Abernathy. Aubrey talked about being a fighting champion, saying no HONOR Women’s Champion had defended against six other women.

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06/24/2017 FFP SSN

June 24, 2017
Detroit, Michigan

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Odell Porter, who came down to the ring with a smile on his face and the World Title on his shoulder. He said that he was proud to still be the FFP World Champion after an amazing match with Christopher Morgan at Uprising in London.

Christopher Morgan then came out. He said that Odell was a hell of a Champion and he earned his respect. Then they shook hands.

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06/18/2017 FFP Uprising (PPV)


FFP Uprising
June 18, 2017
London, England

The show opened up with pryo going off in the arena. The London crowd was on their feet and ready for an awesome night of Full Force Pro action. Then the scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by Daniel Matthews. Tonight Matthews would be challenging his best friend Matt Kraven for Kraven’s HONOR World Championship. She asked Daniel if he would be able to have the killer instinct against his best friend to take his title. Matthews said that in this business you don’t have a lot of true friends, but that Matt was absolutely his best friend. Daniel said that they both respected each other enough to understand that they had to do what they had to do to get the job done in the ring.

The scene then cut to Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with Matt Kraven. Beckman asked Matt the same question. Matt said that him and Daniel had wrestled before and that tonight would be their best match. Kraven said that once the bell rang, that the mutual respect would still be there, but that both men would do everything in their power the HONOR World Champion. Matt noted that both men knew that they would do whatever they could, and that they were prepared for such a thing.

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