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Two Television Title Matches Set for Mid-Summer Classic

Last week at SSN, Hiroki Ito defended his FFP Television Title against Gregory Hart. The match was incredible. And Gregory Hart came inches close to taking the title from Hiroki. But, the 30-minute time limit ran out and the match ended in a draw. It was decided today that Gregory would get a rematch, challenging for the Television Title yet again at FFP’s biggest event of the year, FFP Mid-Summer Classic!

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Team FAB Collide at FFP Uprising

Today during the FFP UK Tour, it was decided that at FFP Uprising on June 18 Giovanni Gotch would defend her FFP Women’s Championship against her former tag team partner, Fiona Burke.

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04/15/2017 FFP SSN

April 15, 2017
Atlanta, Georgia

The show began with the FFP World Champion coming down the isle with his group of Dani Rawlings, Kyle Donovan and Tabitha Mullins by his side. Daniel took a microphone and talked about how his cage match with Odell Porter would be a war, and it would wrap their feud up once and for all. Matthews told Odell that he would like to look him in the eyes, shake his hand and wish him luck. The crowd seemed confused. Was it a trap? Or was Daniel turning a new leaf?

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Kenzie Anderson Gets Called Up


Kenzie Anderson has been called up to the FFP main roster

* This article contains spoilers regarding the FFP Lethal Injection pay-per-view that aired on September 25. If you have not viewed that event you’ll want to skip this article and check out Lethal Injection first. If you have seen Lethal Injection, read on.

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09/25/2016 FFP Lethal Injection (PPV)

FFP Lethal Injection
September 25, 2016 | San Francisco, California

The show opened up with an update on the #1 Contender Tournament that was currently ongoing. Daniel Matthews then came out and spoke about his all of the contenders in the tournament would make tough opponents for him. He said that he couldn’t wait to find out who would be the new number one contender.

But Daniel was interrupted, by OWF trainer Brandon Kincaide.

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06/26/2016 FFP Uprising 2016 (PPV)


FFP Uprising
June 26, 2016 | London, England

The show opened up with a video package highlighting the ANY Case Tournaments, as well as the FFP UK Tour. The crowd in London was ready. A lot of Daniel Matthews signs in the crowd.

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05/29/2016 FFP Guilty Pleasures (PPV)


The show began showing the male FFP and OWF superstars sitting at ringside or in box seats in the arena getting ready to watch FFP’s annual all-women pay-per-view. Matt Kraven was sitting in the front row as well, standing and clapping, ready for an awesome show.

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