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09/17/2017 FFP Lethal Injection (PPV)

Date: September 17, 2017
Location: Memphis, TN
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance of the FFP Adrenaline Champion Alexander T Morrison, accompanied by his girlfriend Beatrice Keenan. ATM, carrying his FFP ANY Case, which gave him the opportunity to cash in at any time, in any place for any Title. ATM took the microphone and said that tonight was called Lethal Injection, and it was a very fitting name. ATM said the reason the name was fitting, was because whether Odell or Mikhail came out victorious tonight in the main event, ATM would be cashing in his ANY Case and leaving Memphis as the new FFP World Champion.

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Happy Birthday FFP by January Merrit

Nine years ago today, Full Force Pro put on it’s very first show. And the professional wrestling world would never be the same.

September 13th, 2008 Logan Christopher and Caleb Newstead kicked FFP off with an awesome match that saw Logan accompanied by his girlfriend Brandi Moore. And speaking of Brandi Moore, she would be instrumental in the end of the match, as Newstead accidentally collided into her, leading to Logan being distracted and Newstead planting him with his Fisherman Brainbuster for the victory.

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07/23/2017 FFP Mid-Summer Classic (PPV)


FFP Mid-Summer Classic
June 23, 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

FFP’s biggest show of the year kicked off with pyro going off throughout the arena. The camera panned around to show thousands of FFP faithful, wearing FFP’s newest gear, raising their signs and cheering. Signs for superstars such as Odell Porter, Daniel Matthews, Seduction Inc, Aubrey Moresi, the Connelly Twins and more were very apparent.

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12/12/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | December 12, 2015
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The show began with the FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan coming down to the ring with the Adrenaline Title on his shoulder, and his girlfriend Lux by his side. He got on the microphone and bragged about his 265 days as Adrenaline Champion. It was the same old speech from the champion, just with a different number of days to brag about.

However he was interrupted by Toni DeLuca. DeLuca would be challenging Morgan for the Adrenaline Title at Throwback on the 27th. Toni told Christopher that he was sick of hearing him brag about his title reign. He said that at Throwback he’d finally shut Morgan up, and take the title. Morgan dared DeLuca to come down to the ring and say it right to his face. Of course Toni was glad to oblige. As Toni climbed into the ring, Morgan exited, smiling and holding his title in the air. Morgan retreated up the ramp as Toni stood in the middle of the ring.


FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament | Opening Round

Aiden Conrad w/ Missy Hyatt vs Mason Wolfe

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out

Mason came down to the ring first, taking the microphone and apologizing, saying that Beatrice couldn’t be in Toronto to accompany him to the ring. Neither superstar was very well liked by the Toronto crowd. Mason obviously had the power advantage over Aiden, who was also the FFP Television Champion.

Conrad used his technical abilities to gain the advantage on Mason. Aiden obviously had an experience advantage over Mason, but the OWF superstar kept the match close. Mason stunned Aiden with a hard back elbow to the head. He then went for the Hollow Point, but Aiden escaped and hit a superkick for a two count. Conrad then went for the Beauty Maker, but Mason dodged and planted Aiden with the Hollow Point. Wolfe then pinned the TV Champion and won the match, advancing in the tournament!

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The scene cut backstage where President Matt Kraven was joined with his fiance and FFP:Japan Women’s Champion Farrah Clements, and Raquel St. Claire. Speaking with Raquel Matt announced that next weekend at Sadistic Saturday Night in Detroit, Michigan, Farrah would be defending the FFP:Japan Women’s Championship against the woman that attacked her last weekend, Yuriko Fuji. Matt said that the official at FFP:Japan had named Yuriko the number one contender, and that Farrah was more than happy to defend her title against her.


FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament | Opening Round

Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Levi Blake

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out

Levi Blake had the size and strength advantage over Adam Hyatt, however Hyatt had much more experience, and had a gameplan in place. Working on Levi’s leg, Hyatt wore the big man down and hit him with the Wrist Clutch Exploder for the pinfall. The Toronto crowd cheered Adam on as he advanced in the World Heavyweight Title Tournament.



FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament | Opening Round

Anarchy vs Gregory Hart

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out

This match had a little bit of a history for the simple fact that Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan, Assault & Batter, had defeated Hunt Enterprises, Anarchy and Mikhail Vakhrov to become the FFP Tag Team Champions. Gregory was looking to score another victory over the Hunt Enterprises member, but Anarchy had other plans.

Anarchy had the clear size, strength and experience advantage over Gregory Hart, who was still fairly new to Full Force Pro. Gregory hit an impressive German suplex on Anarchy, but only got a two count. Anarchy battled back with open hand strikes and chops. He took Gregory up to the top rope, but Hart reversed, hitting an impressive superplex. Gregory pinned Anarchy, but only got a two count. Hart questioned the referee’s count, but this opened him up to get wrapped up in a rear naked choke by Anarchy. Gregory seemed to be fading as he reached and stretched for the ropes.

Eventually Gregory got to the ropes and Anarchy had to release the hold. The match continued, with Gregory hitting an awesome belly to belly suplex. Anarchy attempted to fight back but got stunned by a running knee to the head. Hart then hit Anarchy with the Springboard Suplex, just like Tully Blanchard used to do. Gregory then pinned the big man and got the three count victory.


The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman stood by with FFP’s newest signees, former IPWA superstars Preston McClain and Dirty Dirty Dawkins. Tyrece asked them about their goals in FFP, and if they would be teaming up like they did in their IPWA days. Preston said that they were in FFP because it’s where the very best was. They said that they had discussed teaming up, and that if they did there is no doubt that they would become the FFP Tag Team Champions. Dirty Dirty Dawkins added that him and Preston are also very interested in seeing who wins this World Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Via Satellite

The scene cut to the FFP:Japan World Champion Joey DeMarco with his girlfriend Penelope Blair. Joey talked trash to Daniel Matthews, mentioning the two trading a few words on Twitter this past week. Joey said that he had to talk with FFP:Japan officials, but that if they’d be okay with it that he’d gladly defend the FFP:Japan World Championship against Daniel at FFP Throwback on December 27th. Joey said that with his presence at the pay-per-view, it would be the most successful pay-per-view in Full Force Pro history.


FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament | Opening Round AND FFP Cruiserweight Title Match

Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore vs (c) Hades

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out

This match was not only one of the FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament matches, but was also for Hades’ Cruiserweight Title. Hades, who was enjoying an impressive reign as Cruiserweight Champion, seemed to pull out all the stops. Even getting his knees up shattering Logan’s attempt at the Shooting Star Press. Hades also knocked the air out of the challenger with a dropkick to the sternum during Logan’s attempt at a diving clothesline. Hades brought Logan up for the Burning Hammer, but Logan escaped the move and hit an awesome back kick knocking Hades to the ground.

Logan was the first up, but Hades wasn’t far behind him. Logan hit the ropes and attempted a clothesline which Hades ducked. Hades scooped Logan up onto his shoulders for what looked like an attempt at a Death Valley Driver. Logan reversed into a sunset flip pin. Hades kicked out at two, and went for a hard kick to Logan’s head. Logan dodged the attempt and slammed Hades with a high angle back suplex. Logan then ascended to the top rope and hit Hades with the Shooting Star press for the three count! Logan Christopher was the new Cruiserweight Champion! And he would be going on in the tournament!

Brandi Moore slid into the ring and wrapped Logan in a hug. She celebrated with him and his newly won championship.


On January 10, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s 50th event, fittingly titled OWF 50! This will also be the very first time that an OWF event takes place outside of Cincinnati. That’s right, OWF invades Chicago! Be sure to check it all out on the FFP Network. And Tweet about the event using hashtags #OWF50 as well as #OWFChicago!


The scene cut backstage to the Queens of Mean heading toward the Gorilla position. Raquel St. Claire quickly caught up with the FFP Women’s and Women’s Tag Team Champions and asked the Connelly Twins about their title match coming up next. The stable seemed confident. Kylie and Katrina promised victory, and Nina said that tonight the Queens of Mean would prove how great of a force they are.


FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles

(c) Kylie & Katrina Connelly w/ Nina Fox vs Las Bellezas Peligrosas

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out

A very high paced match featuring two very talented and very in sync tag teams. Kylie and Katrina being twins obviously had the advantage of working as a team, but Kemina and Firefly’s experience wrestling tag team matches around the world gave them a certain bond as well.

Firefly hit a beautiful moonsault on Katrina gaining her a close two count. Katrina battled back, tagging her sister in. Kylie hit a couple of nice shots on Firefly who tagged Kemina into the match. The match continued, back and forth with both teams not really budging. The advantage teetered between both teams until Kylie blindsided Firefly with the BAB. However, Firefly somehow kicked out before the three count. Katrina tagged in and went for a powerbomb on the masked woman wrestler, but Firefly reversed it into a hurricanrana. Firefly stretched out to tag Kemina, but Kylie charged, knocking Kemina off the ring apron.

The twins double teamed Firefly until she finally hit a double clothesline and tagged Kemina in. Kemina cleaned house on the Women’s Tag Team Champions. After blasting Kylie with a running big boot, she planted Katrina with the Cradle Shock Driver. Kemina then rolled into her corner and tagged her partner back in. Firefly pulled Katrina up, setting her up for her finisher, the Crucifix Powerbomb. As she was bout to hoist Katrina up, Kemina blasted Firefly in the back of the head with a hard kick. Firefly let go of Kemina and fell to her hands and knees. Kemina then pulled her tag team partner up, screaming in her face. She hoisted Firefly up onto her shoulders and planted her with the Cradle Shock Driver.

Kemina now rolled away from her partner, and looked over at Katrina and Kylie, who was just getting back to her feet. A smile slowly found it’s way onto Kemina’s face before she wrapped the twins in a hug. Katrina then dropped down and covered Firefly. The referee made a slow count, obviously confused at what had just happened. The Connelly Twins retained their titles.

As they were presented the belts, Kemina embraced them both. The FFP Women’s Champion Nina Fox joined the celebration, hugging the Connelly’s and also hugging Kemina. It was obvious that the Queens of Mean had a fourth member, and that fourth was former FFP Diamond Champion Kemina.

11/07/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | November 7, 2015
Omaha, Nebraska

The show opened up with a pre-recorded message from the owner of Full Force Pro, Matt Kraven. Kraven reminded everyone about the announcement regarding Lucha London, and how it will no longer be known as such, but be known as Full Force Pro: United Kingdom, or FFPUK. Kraven said that soon there will be many major announcements regarding this amazing change in the world of professional wrestling, and that with this change Full Force Pro will only getting bigger and better.

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FFP Women’s Title Tournament Brackets

It’s time for Full Force Pro to begin the tournament to crown the first ever FFP Women’s Champion. A 16-woman tournament will get the ball rolling. The winner of the tournament will go on to face FFP Diamond Champion Taylor Clawson at FFP Lethal Injection on September 20th. The winner of that match will be crowned the first Women’s Champion.

The tournament is a who’s who of FFP women wrestlers. The first ever Diamond Champion Brandi Moore, the longest reigning Diamond Champion in FFP history Nina Fox, impressive former champion Kylie Connelly and so many more. Also, one spot had been reserved for the winner of an all-women Ohio Wrestling Federation battle royal. That means that there is a chance that a developmental woman wrestler could end up FFP’s first Women’s Champion.

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07/15/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday | July 15, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio

The show began with the Drop Dead Diamond Trio. The FFP Diamond Champion Kylie Connelly announced that the Trio had the night off and were going to enjoy a night out on the town. A small “vacation” of sorts.

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