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06/18/2017 FFP Uprising (PPV)


FFP Uprising
June 18, 2017
London, England

The show opened up with pryo going off in the arena. The London crowd was on their feet and ready for an awesome night of Full Force Pro action. Then the scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by Daniel Matthews. Tonight Matthews would be challenging his best friend Matt Kraven for Kraven’s HONOR World Championship. She asked Daniel if he would be able to have the killer instinct against his best friend to take his title. Matthews said that in this business you don’t have a lot of true friends, but that Matt was absolutely his best friend. Daniel said that they both respected each other enough to understand that they had to do what they had to do to get the job done in the ring.

The scene then cut to Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with Matt Kraven. Beckman asked Matt the same question. Matt said that him and Daniel had wrestled before and that tonight would be their best match. Kraven said that once the bell rang, that the mutual respect would still be there, but that both men would do everything in their power the HONOR World Champion. Matt noted that both men knew that they would do whatever they could, and that they were prepared for such a thing.

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05/06/2017 FFP SSN

May 6, 2017
Miami, Florida

The show opened up with the brand new FFP World Champion, Odell Porter. The Miami crowd loved seeing the man who finally defeated Daniel Matthews at All Torn Up to win the FFP World Championship for the first time.

Porter got in the ring and thanked the crowd for cheering him on for the past five months. He said he wouldn’t let them down as a World Champion.

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03/10/2017 FFP Tour of Japan | Day One

FFP Tour of Japan | Day One
March 10, 2017
Osaka, Japan

The show opens up with FFP President Mary Faith Brooks and FFP Commissioner Hope Brooks welcoming the Osaka, Japan crowd and the viewers on the FFP Network to Full Force Pro’s annual Tour of Japan. The mother-daughter duo promised for the next few days to showcase the best professional wrestling with two outstanding Tokyo Cup Tournaments as well as so much impressive professional wrestling such as tonight’s main event between Matt Kraven and Kashimanaki for Kraven’s HONOR World Title.

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Matches Announced for Night One of the FFP Tour of Japan

Friday night we kick off our annual FFP Tour of Japan. Not only will we be featuring six Tokyo Cup Tournament matches, but we will also feature two high profile title matches.

FFP and HONOR Wrestling have had a working relationship for quite some time. And Friday night, two prestigious HONOR Wrestling Titles will be defended in our very first night of our tour.

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01/07/2017 FFP SSN


January 7, 2017
White Plains, New York

The show opened with the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews. Wearing a Daniel Matthews t-shirt, and with the World Title on his shoulder, Matthews asked Odell Porter to join him in the ring. Porter came down, and the men shook hands.

Daniel said their match at the New Year’s Eve Show was phenomenal, but he didn’t want Odell’s ANY Case cash in to result in a time limit draw. So Matthews suggested they wrestle once more.

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Five Blockbuster Matches Set for the First SSN of 2017

Earlier today we learned that Full Force Pro’s first event of 2017, this weekend’s SSN, will feature a few high profile matchups. The interim-President of FFP, Mary Faith Brooks has set up five blockbuster matches, four of which are for Championships, and one of the Championship matches is an open challenge!

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12/25/2016 FFP Throwback (PPV)


FFP Throwback
December 25, 2016
New York, New York

The show started out with fireworks around the arena. The New York crowd stood on their feet and cheered as the camera panned around the arena. FFP branded Santa hats seemed to be the hot seller at the merchandise booths as many fans were seen wearing them.

As the crowd settled, the FFP Adrenaline Champion Odell Porter walked down to the ring with his ANY Case in hand. Porter took a microphone and announced that no matter what, whether he win against ATM tonight or not, whether Daniel Matthews leaves Throwback as the World Champion, or Anarchy…that at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show Odell would cash in his ANY Case to challenge the FFP World Champion.

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