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BREAKING: Matt Evanston and Zoey Kiehl Injured Last Night

Last night during FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling Matt Evanston and Zoey Kiehl were both victims of violent attacks. The attacks weren’t perpetrated by Matt and Amanda Kraven but instead it was a punishment handed out from Matt and Amanda.

Matt Evanston ended up defeating Everett Moses in his match, however was the victim of a powerbomb onto the edge of the apron of the ring. Evanston was stretchered out of be arena as a result of this devastating maneuver.

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BREAKING NEWS: Nina Fox Injured at All Torn Up

Last night at FFP All Torn Up, Nina Fox engaged in a hard fought match with Giovanni Gotch for the FFP Women’s Championship. But when Nina went for the Superkick and Giovanni hit a vicious chop block to the front of the challenger’s knee, it was obvious that something was very wrong.

Nina had suffered a hyper extension of her knee. However, she finished the match. And in true Nina fashion, she put as much effort as she could into trying to fight through the pain and attempt to pull out the victory.

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Two Injuries Coming Out of Lethal Injection

At Sunday night’s Lethal Injection pay-per-view two of our superstars were injured. And both injuries were due to personal animosity.

The first injury came early in the night when Logan Christopher was scheduled to take on Joey DeMarco. But the brawl quickly found it’s way to the outside where Logan eventually beat DeMarco bloody, and handcuffed him to the steel guardrail.

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Matt Kraven Suffers Broken Neck at Live Event

Tonight in San Francisco, California fans were going to be treated to a match that some were calling “Match of the Decade” while others were naming it “Match of the Century”. The FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews vs the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven. Best friend vs best friend. Arguably the two best wrestlers in FFP history.

The match began with a lot of cheer from the crowd. A back and forth match to start with both men hooking the other into hammer locks, headlocks, armbars, etc. Kraven scored a headlock takeover on his buddy and then went for the Superkick, but Matthews dodged, rolling out of the ring.

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BREAKING: Austin Briggs Tears Quad in Brawl

Day three of the FFP Tour of Japan was definitely the most violent day of the annual tour’s history.

Tonight two huge brawls broke out, both pitting big names from FFP taking on big names from HONOR Wrestling. One of FFP’s big names, Austin Briggs.

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Matt Kraven Taken to a Nearby Hospital (Updated at 2:00 am)

Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 10.12.27 PMFriday night at around 9:00 pm (Eastern time) the new FFP World Champion Matt Kraven was taken to the hospital by his girlfriend (and HONOR Women’s Champion) Farrah Clements. Kraven, who had been reportedly fighting a bad headache for three days now, was also feeling dizzy the past couple of days.

Friday night Matt was sitting down with Farrah to watch a movie when he decided that it would be a good idea for him to go to the hospital. Farrah immediately took him to the nearest hospital.

Currently we know that Kraven is with the doctors. We will keep you posted on the health of the former President of FFP.

2:00 am (EST) – Matt’s doctor has informed him about the severity of his concussion. His doctor suggested that with Matt’s history and the way the concussion progressed that Matt should undoubtedly retire from in-ring action.
12:33 am (EST) – Matt was informed by his doctor that he was suffering from a severe concussion and would need to stay longer for reevaluation.
11:51 pm (EST) – Doctors performing a CT scan on Matt.
11:02 pm (EST) – Doctors conducting neurological exam and cognitive testing on Matt.
10:15 pm (EST) – Matt was called back by the doctors.
9:15 pm (EST) – Matt Kraven was taken to a nearby hospital.

BREAKING NEWS: Veronica Clyne out at All Torn Up. Card Changes!

imageAs we all were aware, there was a possibility for Veronica Clyne to miss the upcoming FFP All Torn Up pay-per-view. Veronica was announced as the first inductee into the FFP Hall of Fame, then was sneak attacked by Amanda Cortez. Later in the night it was revealed that Veronica suffered a concussion.

Today word became official, Veronica would not be able to compete at All Torn Up. And after some scrambling and some thinking, President Matt Kraven has adjusted the card hoping to still give the fans the best professional wrestling action that was intended with the original card.

Unfortunately, the FFP Diamond Tag Team Title match between Team FAB and Seduction Inc has been cancelled. Or possibly the better word would be postponed, until the Woman Crush Wednesday which will take place one week from today.

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