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BREAKING: Austin Briggs Tears Quad in Brawl

Day three of the FFP Tour of Japan was definitely the most violent day of the annual tour’s history.

Tonight two huge brawls broke out, both pitting big names from FFP taking on big names from HONOR Wrestling. One of FFP’s big names, Austin Briggs.

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Matt Kraven Taken to a Nearby Hospital (Updated at 2:00 am)

Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 10.12.27 PMFriday night at around 9:00 pm (Eastern time) the new FFP World Champion Matt Kraven was taken to the hospital by his girlfriend (and HONOR Women’s Champion) Farrah Clements. Kraven, who had been reportedly fighting a bad headache for three days now, was also feeling dizzy the past couple of days.

Friday night Matt was sitting down with Farrah to watch a movie when he decided that it would be a good idea for him to go to the hospital. Farrah immediately took him to the nearest hospital.

Currently we know that Kraven is with the doctors. We will keep you posted on the health of the former President of FFP.

2:00 am (EST) – Matt’s doctor has informed him about the severity of his concussion. His doctor suggested that with Matt’s history and the way the concussion progressed that Matt should undoubtedly retire from in-ring action.
12:33 am (EST) – Matt was informed by his doctor that he was suffering from a severe concussion and would need to stay longer for reevaluation.
11:51 pm (EST) – Doctors performing a CT scan on Matt.
11:02 pm (EST) – Doctors conducting neurological exam and cognitive testing on Matt.
10:15 pm (EST) – Matt was called back by the doctors.
9:15 pm (EST) – Matt Kraven was taken to a nearby hospital.

BREAKING NEWS: Veronica Clyne out at All Torn Up. Card Changes!

imageAs we all were aware, there was a possibility for Veronica Clyne to miss the upcoming FFP All Torn Up pay-per-view. Veronica was announced as the first inductee into the FFP Hall of Fame, then was sneak attacked by Amanda Cortez. Later in the night it was revealed that Veronica suffered a concussion.

Today word became official, Veronica would not be able to compete at All Torn Up. And after some scrambling and some thinking, President Matt Kraven has adjusted the card hoping to still give the fans the best professional wrestling action that was intended with the original card.

Unfortunately, the FFP Diamond Tag Team Title match between Team FAB and Seduction Inc has been cancelled. Or possibly the better word would be postponed, until the Woman Crush Wednesday which will take place one week from today.

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Veronica Clyne Suffers a Concussion

Last night at Woman Crush Wednesday Veronica Clyne came to the ring to thank the FFP audience for their support. She was announced as the very first inductee of the FFP Hall of Fame, the ceremony will take place this summer.

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Lizzy Kraven Suffered Bruised Spinal Cord at Rebirth


Lizzy Kraven sustained a bruised spinal cord at Rebirth

In an event that was supposed to be a huge celebration of Full Force Pro’s one-year anniversary since it’s rebirth, the very first Diamond Cage Match ended in a terrible accident. Ariana Chaos and Lizzy Kraven have been involved in a heated feud over the past few events. And in their cage match Sunday the two girls were at the top of the cage, battling to escape. Ariana, armed with a steel chair, cracked Lizzy in the back of the head twice.

However, the damage wasn’t done. Ariana watched as Lizzy’s motionless body teetered on the top of the cage, and fell back into the mat. She fell from the top of the cage and crashed to the mat below. Ariana climbed out of the cage and won the match, however even she looked concerned about Lizzy’s well being.

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Nina Fox Suffers a Fractured Rib (Updated: 8/24/14, 9:55 am ET)


Nina Fox suffered a fractured rib at SSN.

8/24/14, 9:55 am ET: Nina Fox does indeed have a fractured rib on the right side of her body. Doctors and Matt Kraven himself have encouraged her to think about rescheduling her World Title match at Blaze of Glory with Veronica Clyne tonight, but she won’t budge. Nina has continued having pain when she takes a breath and has been dizzy.

Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven have been unavailable for comment following their vicious attack on Nina last night.

Currently that’s all the information we have.

8/24/14, 1:10 am ET: First of all, we do not have all the details yet. However, following the vicious attack on Nina Fox, courtesy of Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven, Nina has reportedly suffered a fractured rib. Last night at Sadistic Saturday Night, Nina teamed with Lizzy Kraven who had supposedly been kicked out of The Kingdom. Lizzy was scheduled to take on Veronica Clyne and Scarlett Ducane with a partner of her choosing, with the winning team walking away with the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. But after Lizzy tagged Nina in, she flattened her with a Kraven Lariat, proving to everyone that it was all a big set up. Following the lariat, Veronica and Lizzy teamed up on Nina, wrapping her around the steel ring post, and targeting her ribs in a disgusting and deplorable attack.

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Taylor Clawson and Matt Kraven Injured

imageLast night on Wednesday Warfare Taylor Clawson took on Lacey Abernathy in the opening match. In a back and forth exciting and entertaining match, Lacey Abernathy locked Taylor into her Code Red Armbar. Taylor fought, reaching for me ropes, attempting to move herself and Lacey toward the ropes, and even attempted to use her legs to lift Lacey off the mat, we can only assume she was going for some kind of modified powerbomb to break the hold.

However, Lacey, who has been using this hold for quite a few weeks now, continued to wrench on the arm of Taylor. Keeping the move locked in as tight as possible, Lacey eventually gave Taylor no other option but to submit.

After the match Taylor was tended to by an FFP medic. She congratulated Lacey on the win, left the ring and was obviously in pain.

We got word moments ago that due to Lacey’s armbar Taylor suffered a severe hyperextension of her elbow. She was told by doctors to rest it as well as ice it. They said under no circumstances should she wrestle. She will have the arm in a sling and hopefully be able to get back into the ring in about a month.

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