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02/20/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: February 20, 2018
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the arrival of FFP World Champion Matt Kraven. Kraven said that last week Matt Evanston got more lucky than he had gotten in his entire life, by defeating Kraven. Matt said that he was actually glad to see Evanston win, so that he could give him the beating he deserved at Desperate Measures. Kraven then said that Nathan Caine had come out to help Evanston last week, which was admirable, but Kraven said that if Nathan decided to interfere in their match at Desperate Measures, that Caine would end up getting the same beating that Evanston will get. Kraven said that he knew the right people in the right places, obviously referencing his wife Amanda, the owner and president of FFP, and he said that if he needed to he could get a stipulation put on the match where if Nathan came to ringside, Evanston would immediately be disqualified.

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2017 FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

2017 FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony
July 22, 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

The ceremony started out with all of the FFP Hall of Famers coming out onto the stage. All the way from Veronica Clyne and Seduction Inc to Matt Kraven, Nina Fox and Christopher Morgan. Everyone dressed in nice suits or nice dresses. The audience greeted them with a standing ovation.

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Logan Christopher Has Been Released by FFP

Out of all of the releases coming out of Cincinnati today, the biggest and most shocking has to be Logan Christopher.

Logan Christopher has been a part of Full Force Pro since day one, even competing on the very first FFP a match in a losing effort to Caleb Newstead. In Logan’s first match, he had his girlfriend at the time, Brandi Moore by his side. Although in one of FFP’s first major storylines, Brandi would turn on Logan and join Caleb Newstead and his stable Simply the Best.

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05/08/2016 FFP Sunday is for Chaos


FFP Sunday is for Chaos | May 8, 2016
Oakland, California

Tonight’s special guest authority figure, who was there due to Matt Kraven’s injury and Matt and his wife Farrah being in Cincinnati, was revealed to the Oakland crowd. It was none other than Veronica Clyne.

Veronica wished Matt the best injustice recovery. She said that she had just gotten off of the phone with Matt and Farrah, and got word that tonight’s main event was going to be Daniel Matthews, Hiroki Ito and Ochoa taking on the two men who openly disrespected Matt after his injury, Joey DeMarco and Logan Christopher. Veronica said that it was obviously a handicap match and they obviously deserved that.

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Raquel St. Claire Interviews Logan Christopher

After Logan Christopher’s despicable actions last night at FFP Sunday is For Chaos, Raquel St. Claire had a chance to sit down with the former FFP World Champion.

He spoke strongly against Matt Kraven and tried to defend his actions last night. Raquel planned to ask many more questions, but Logan cut the interview short.

Here is the interview.

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Matt Kraven is Gone

Last night at FFP Sunday is for Chaos, we saw the most shocking ending to any Full Force Pro wrestling program to date. The HONOR Wrestling President Landey McNamara defeated the owner of FFP, Matt Kraven. And due to the stipulation, Matt Kraven now has to leave FFP, and give up his ownership of the company to Landry.

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03/20/2016 FFP Aggravated Assault (PPV)


FFP Aggravated Assault
March 20, 2016 | Tokyo, Japan

The show began with a video package showing everything that had happened leading up to this point. Including the OWF Winter Class Trainee Tournaments, the Tokyo Cup Tournaments, and all the FFP vs HONOR Wrestling brawling and fighting.

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