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07/23/2017 FFP Mid-Summer Classic (PPV)


FFP Mid-Summer Classic
June 23, 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

FFP’s biggest show of the year kicked off with pyro going off throughout the arena. The camera panned around to show thousands of FFP faithful, wearing FFP’s newest gear, raising their signs and cheering. Signs for superstars such as Odell Porter, Daniel Matthews, Seduction Inc, Aubrey Moresi, the Connelly Twins and more were very apparent.

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06/18/2017 FFP Uprising (PPV)


FFP Uprising
June 18, 2017
London, England

The show opened up with pryo going off in the arena. The London crowd was on their feet and ready for an awesome night of Full Force Pro action. Then the scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by Daniel Matthews. Tonight Matthews would be challenging his best friend Matt Kraven for Kraven’s HONOR World Championship. She asked Daniel if he would be able to have the killer instinct against his best friend to take his title. Matthews said that in this business you don’t have a lot of true friends, but that Matt was absolutely his best friend. Daniel said that they both respected each other enough to understand that they had to do what they had to do to get the job done in the ring.

The scene then cut to Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with Matt Kraven. Beckman asked Matt the same question. Matt said that him and Daniel had wrestled before and that tonight would be their best match. Kraven said that once the bell rang, that the mutual respect would still be there, but that both men would do everything in their power the HONOR World Champion. Matt noted that both men knew that they would do whatever they could, and that they were prepared for such a thing.

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04/30/2017 FFP All Torn Up (PPV)

FFP All Torn Up
April 30, 2017
Orlando, Florida

The show opened up with the owner and president of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne. She welcomed everyone to All Torn Up, and invited the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven to the ring. Matt came out with a smile on his face, holding the HONOR World Title on his shoulder.

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04/22/2017 FFP SSN

April 22, 2017
Birmingham, Alabama

The show opened up with the Owner and President of FFP, Veronica Clyne who came out and hyped tonight’s show up. She then introduced the crowd to the newest signee to Full Force Pro’s women’s division, from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion that gained a huge following in the late 1980’s, Hollywood!

Hollywood came out to the ring and thanked the crowd for all the support. She also said that very soon she would be shocking the FFP fans and making a name for herself here in FFP.

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03/26/2017 FFP Aggravated Assault (PPV)

FFP Aggravated Assault
March 26, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

The show opened up with clips from all of the action we had seen thus far in the FFP Tour of Japan. Kashimanaki beating Matt Kraven for the HONOR Title, Lizzy Kraven lariating Dani and Brandi Moore and Fiona Burke advancing were keyed in on in the clips.

Then, the FFP President Mary Faith Brooks came down and welcomed everyone to the show. With her Southern accent she hyped this as being Full Force Pro’s biggest event in history. Mary also said that she had promised a major announcement.

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Matches Set for FFP Aggravated Assault

Today has been a very busy day. After the third televised show of the FFP Tour of Japan in Naguya, Japan, Mary Faith Brooks and Hope Brooks got together to set up plenty of great matches for FFP Aggravated Assault.

However, some matches came easily for the mother-daughter duo.

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02/26/2017 FFP Desperate Measures (PPV)


FFP Desperate Measures
February 26, 2017
St. Louis, Missouri

The show opened up with the FFP return of Austin Briggs. Briggs suffered a torn quad back in March of last year, but had been spending his time as the interim-commissioner of the Ohio Wrestling Federation. Briggs was set to do guest commentary for tonight, and his return to the ring apparently was right around the corner.

Briggs climbed into the ring and took a microphone, welcoming everyone and telling them how excited he was to be back in Full Force Pro. He said that even though he wasn’t going to wrestle tonight, he was excited to be back and was looking forward to providing guest commentary for the entire show.

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