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11/18/2018 FFP Rebirth [PPV]

Date: November 18, 2018
Location: San Francisco, CA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show kicked off with Trent Wolfe storming to the ring and demanding that his match with Daniel Matthews be right now. Wolfe noted that he knew the match was supposed to take place later on in the night, but he wanted to fight Daniel now, and wanted to put an end to Daniel’s Hall of Fame career. Daniel Matthews came out and was more than happy to accept Wolfe’s challenge. The San Francisco crowd loved it.

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11/26/2017 FFP Rebirth (PPV)

Date: November 26, 2017
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with the entrance or the Full Force Pro President, Veronica Clyne. Veronica had teased an announcement, and was here to deliver. Morgan Alexander was sure it was the signing of a few England wrestlers. Brian Young said that that was a good guess as the WWS had ceased operations.

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FFP vs 3XW Happening at FFP Rebirth

Only a few nights ago 3XW woman wrestler Anna Minster defeated the FFP Women’s Television Champion Fiona Burke for her championship. This marks the first time that a non-FFP contracted wrestler has won one of our titles.

After a lot of smack talk on Twitter, the two agreed on a match. And once Fiona spoke to FFP President Veronica Clyne, begging her to make the match, the match was set. But the match didn’t go the way most people saw it going, and Minster came out the victor. Now, Full Force Pro wants to get their championship back.

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Katsumi Akiyama Attacked at SSN

If you tuned in to FFP SSN Saturday night, you saw a couple of backstage brawls. One in particular saw the end of a scuffle between the FFP Women’s Champion Cindy Labre (with assistance from her manager April Hunter) and one of the challengers for her Women’s Title at FFP Throwback on Christmas Day, Katsumi Akiyama (who along with Quinn Delaney will challenge Cindy in a Triple Threat match).

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11/15/2015 FFP Rebirth (PPV)


FFP Rebirth
November 15, 2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada

The FFP Rebirth Pre-Show began with a panel which consisted of FFP commentator Morgan Alexander, new interviewer and news correspondent Raquel St. Claire, Lizzy Kraven and FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan. They talked about the upcoming card and made picks for the main event. Morgan and Christopher Morgan picked Patrick McCoy while Raquel and Lizzy both picked Logan Christopher to become the new World Champion.

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Lizzy Kraven Suffered Bruised Spinal Cord at Rebirth


Lizzy Kraven sustained a bruised spinal cord at Rebirth

In an event that was supposed to be a huge celebration of Full Force Pro’s one-year anniversary since it’s rebirth, the very first Diamond Cage Match ended in a terrible accident. Ariana Chaos and Lizzy Kraven have been involved in a heated feud over the past few events. And in their cage match Sunday the two girls were at the top of the cage, battling to escape. Ariana, armed with a steel chair, cracked Lizzy in the back of the head twice.

However, the damage wasn’t done. Ariana watched as Lizzy’s motionless body teetered on the top of the cage, and fell back into the mat. She fell from the top of the cage and crashed to the mat below. Ariana climbed out of the cage and won the match, however even she looked concerned about Lizzy’s well being.

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11/16/2014 FFP Rebirth (PPV)


 FFP Rebirth | November 16, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio

The show opened up with a clip of President Matt Kraven announcing that Austin Briggs’ opponent at FFP Rebirth would be the returning Anarchy. The next clip was of Lacey Abernathy attacking Nina Fox last night and stealing the Diamond Championship. Then we see a clip of the American Bulldogs winning last night, earning themselves a Tag Team Title Match tonight.

Backstage now we see Nina Fox with Matt Kraven. Nina still looks aggravated at being attacked by Lacey. Of course she’s probably  more mad that Lacey took it upon herself to steal Nina’s Diamond Championship.

10-Diamond Battle Royal
Featuring: Brandi Moore, Taylor Clawson, Alexis Reed, April Hunter, Scarlett Ducane, Ginger Fields, Isabella, Rochelle, & The Skye Sisters
A few quick eliminations start this match out. Throwback Diamond Rochelle dumped Alexis Reed over the top while Seduction Inc teamed up and tossed Isabella. The Skye Sisters team up and throw Scarlett Ducane out of the ring while Ginger Fields tries to hide in the corner. Of course that doesn’t work and April Hunter eliminates her.

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