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03/23/2018 FFP Stateside

Date: March 23, 2018
Location: New York, NY
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened up with pyro going off around Madison Square Garden. A building rich with professional wrestling history. It was always a special event for FFP to be wrestling there. Amanda Kraven was the first to make her entrance. She walked down to the ring and took a microphone. She had teased an announcement for tonight. And he she was to deliver.

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A Preview for this Friday’s FFP Stateside

This Friday Full Force Pro presents it’s first show since returning back to the United States from it’s very exciting and successful annual Tour of Japan. The show this Friday is appropriately titled FFP Stateside, live from New York City. That’s right, Madison Square Garden.

Earlier this morning four matches were signed for FFP Stateside. Two women matches, and two titles matches. Right now, we will take a short look at the upcoming matches.

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This Friday on the FFP Network: FFP Stateside

This Friday Full Force Pro comes back to the United States! Less than a week from the end of our annual FFP Tour of Japan, FFP will head to Madison Square Garden, and there only on the FFP Network, we will present FFP Stateside! Currently the only thing we know for sure, is that the owner and President of FFP Amanda Kraven will have a major announcement. But, we also know that there will be some great matches, including some title matches.

Don’t miss FFP as they return back to the United States, and do what they love to do, entertain you fans, and put on the best wrestling in the world. Tickets are already on sale. And if you can’t make it to NYC, be sure to order the FFP Network so you won’t miss this event!