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Team FAB Collide at FFP Uprising

Today during the FFP UK Tour, it was decided that at FFP Uprising on June 18 Giovanni Gotch would defend her FFP Women’s Championship against her former tag team partner, Fiona Burke.

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10/17/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | October 17, 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah

This episode of Sadistic Saturday Night opened up with FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane inside the ring. McCoy, who had a microphone, told the crowd to shut up. Of course he got nothing but booing. After moments of fighting with the fans to be quiet, he spoke. Patrick said that he would like to apologize for what happened Wednesday night. He smiled and said that he apologizes that he didn’t do it further. He said that Logan’s status was officially doubtful for The Haunting, so he would be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the pay-per-view without having to defend his title.

The interim-President Duncan Wright came out and told Patrick that he wouldn’t be so lucky. He said that Patrick injured Logan on purpose to get out of his title match, but that at The Haunting the FFP World Title would indeed be on the line, and Duncan himself would find a worthy opponent very soon.

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Jackson Pearce’s Blaze of Glory Predictions

FFP Blaze of Glory is in a couple short days, and the lineup is incredible. Not only will we witness five battle royals – each determining a number one contender for all FFP singles titles, but we will also witness two matches featuring high profile feuds, as well as all singles titles defended against all battle royal winners.

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Team FAB Reunited (as well as The Queendom)

fiona_burkeLast night at Sadistic Saturday Night in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Giovanni Gotch was set to take on Monika Andrews. The match was a violent one, finding it’s way outside of the ring. Monika speared Giovanni from the ring apron to the arena floor. They continued battled, where Giovanni slammed Monika into the nearby steel guardrail.

This brought out Jenna Kaufman, who happened to be Monika’s former partner (the two made up the dominant Diamond tag team The Queendom). Monika and Jenna teamed up, putting a beating on Giovanni in the middle of the ring. That is until Giovanni’s former tag team partner Fiona Burke (who co-created the tag team Team FAB with Giovanni) stormed the ring. Fiona helped Giovanni stun both Monika and Jenna, then clotheslined Jenna out of the ring as well as tossing Monika to the outside.

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05/27/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday | May 27, 2015
Knoxville, Tennessee

The show began with Nina Fox coming down to the ring. Nina took the microphone and said that at FFP Uprising she would win back her Diamond Title.

Nina then proposed that tonight she face Kylie Connelly, even if it’s a non-title match.

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05/20/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday | May 20, 2015
Pensacola, Florida

The show opened up with Team FAB standing in the ring. The reigning FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions announced that today was the 109th day of their title reign and they wanted to have a celebration.

The celebration was cut short by Seduction Inc who came out and guaranteed victory at Guilty Pleasures.

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04/29/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday | April 29, 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The show opened up as promised, with the Kylie Connelly NEW Diamond Champion Celebration. Balloons And confetti falling from the arena ceiling and of course, the footage of Kylie’s submission victory over Nina Fox.

Kylie spoke as well as Emily Hart and Amanda Cortez, who wished the champ her best in her title-reign.

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