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10/29/2017 FFP The Haunting (PPV)

Date: October 29, 2017
Location: Seattle, WA
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened with a view of the entrance stage. A Halloween theme with tombstones, pumpkins and other Halloween style decorations. When we saw the FFP commentators Brian Young and Morgan Alexander, they revealed their Halloween costumes. Brian Young was Dracula while Morgan Alexander was a zombie.

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It’s Official! Seduction Inc Clash for the FFP World Championship!

On October 29, FFP will present it’s Halloween based pay-per-view The Haunting. And in the main event, we will see the new FFP World Champion Brandi Moore defend her championship against her former tag team partner and best friend Taylor Clawson!

Brandi Moore won the FFP World Championship at Lethal Injection when she cashed in her ANY Case on Odell Porter, finally winning the World Title, a title she had never held in Full Force Pro.

Taylor is another superstars who has been in FFP since the early days, yet hasn’t held the prestigious World Championship. Will Clawson be able to defeat her former partner and take home the gold? We will see at FFP The Haunting!

Quinn Delaney’s The Haunting Predictions

The FFP Women’s Champion had a chance earlier this afternoon to sit with some of our staff members and discuss FFP’s upcoming pay-per-view, The Haunting. The Haunting takes place tomorrow night live from Dallas, Texas.

The following are Quinn’s predictions for tomorrow night’s show.

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One Last Look at the 32-Spot #1 Contender Tournament

Click to view the full tournament

Click to view the full tournament

The 32-Spot Number One Contender Tournament has finally come down to two Full Force Pro superstars. That’s right! After weeks of great matches, we finally have our final match set for this epic tournament. That match will take place at FFP The Haunting on October 30 live from Dallas. Who is in the match you ask?

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10/25/2015 FFP The Haunting (PPV)

FFP The Haunting
October 25, 2015 | Tulsa, Oklahoma

The show began with the FFP World Champion, Patrick McCoy coming down to the ring with Scarlett Ducane and an unknown man by his side. Patrick took the microphone and demanded to speak with the interim-FFP President Duncan Wright. Patrick said that he would not put the FFP World Championship on the line against Matt Evanston tonight. McCoy said that he spoke with his lawyer, and that the contract specifically stated that he would only put the title on the line against Logan Christopher at FFP The Haunting.

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Chris Kraven’s FFP The Haunting Predictions


Today the former FFP World and Tag Team Champion, and little brother of Matt Kraven, Chris Kraven joined us to give his predictions on this Sunday’s FFP The Haunting pay-per-view. The Haunting will come to you live on pay-per-view, and of course the FFP Network on Sunday night at 8:00 pm Eastern. Don’t miss it!

Now, onto the predictions of Chris Kraven.

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10/26/2014 The Haunting (PPV)


FFP The Haunting | October 26, 2014
Montreal, Canada

The scene opened up with clips of Austin Briggs defeating Nina Fox for the FFP World Championship, then bragging about it with Missy Hyatt by his side. The main event for tonight’s The Haunting was an interesting one as Matt Kraven was returning to the ring in what seemed like a retaliation for Briggs’ defeat and taunting of Matt’s girlfriend. Would the President win the World Title? And if so, what would most of the FFP locker room think about it?

Now we immediately cut to Francine Davis who was dressed up as a zombie. It had been reported that many superstars would dress for Halloween. Francine was the prettiest zombie you would ever see. Standing beside her was Daniel Matthews, dressed as a devil. Francine asked how Daniel was feeling tonight, and asked if he had any plans since he wasn’t competing. Daniel said that he always had ways to make an impact, and tonight would be no different. He said this with a smile on his face, then walked away.

Next we saw Seduction Inc walking by. Brandi Moore was dressed in a sexy Army uniform while Taylor Clawson had an Air Force uniform on. Obviously both outfits featured short skirts and low cut shirts. We also got a peak of Austin Briggs, however he wasn’t dressed up like anything except the FFP World Champion, himself. He had Missy Hyatt and Lacey Abernathy by his side. The trio looked rather confident.

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