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FFP’s Top Ten Women of All Time

Full Force Pro has always¬† been extremely proud of their women’s division. Before there was any kind of women’s revolution, women in Full Force Pro were not only putting on some of the best matches for the FFP Women’s or Diamond Championship. But they were winning the FFP World Championship and showing that they deserved just as much praise as the men. This sport isn’t a male dominanted sport anymore. Oh no.

In the very early days of Full Force Pro, the names of Veronica Clyne, Brandi Moore, Christi Carter, Firefly and Taylor Clawson were heard throughout the arenas. Then, as FFP really got going, we saw the additions of Lizzy Kraven, Nina Fox, Kemina and even April Hunter. And even to the present day, although Brandi, Taylor, Nina and Lizzy Kraven are here, so are Amy Kraven, Giovanni Gotch, Katsumi Akiyama, Fiona Burke, Cindy Labre and so many others. The women’s division may be just a little smaller than the men’s division, but not by much. And some of the women’s merchandise are higher sellers than the men’s!

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Coming Soon: FFP Top Ten

Full Force Pro has been open for quite a few years now, and have had all kinds of amazing superstars step foot through it’s doors. Whether it be FFP regulars such as Daniel Matthews, Nina Fox, Brandi Moore or Taylor Clawson. Whether it be former FFP superstars such as Christopher Morgan or Logan Christopher. Or whether it be recognizable wrestling superstars such as Missy Hyatt, April Hunter, the Impact Players or Sunny, Full Force Pro has had a who’s who step foot into it’s locker rooms, and it’s squared circles.

We here at have been looking foward to a project like this for a long time, and soon, we will bring it to you. The FFP Top Ten. Top Ten what you ask? Our answer: EVERYTHING!

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