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Tonight’s FFP UK Tour Show Recap

Tonight’s FFP UK Tour Show was very noteworthy. In the first match, Deshaun Reed defended the OWF Championship against Nick Novak, but the match was interrupted by Deshaun’s stablemates, the FFP Tag Team Champions the American Bulldogs. This brought out the OWF Network Champion JJ Perry and Kade Haddix who evened the odds. The six men were set for a six-man tag later on in the night.

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06/26/2016 FFP Uprising 2016 (PPV)


FFP Uprising
June 26, 2016 | London, England

The show opened up with a video package highlighting the ANY Case Tournaments, as well as the FFP UK Tour. The crowd in London was ready. A lot of Daniel Matthews signs in the crowd.

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06/22/2016 FFP UK Tour: Day Six

FFP UK Tour | Day Six
June 22, 2016 | Birmingham, England

Veronica Clyne made a special announcement about tonight. First, that we would witness some great OWF matches, and second, that tonight we would see a 10-man battle royal with the winner facing Anarchy for the FFP Television Title tomorrow night!

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06/19/2016 FFP UK Tour: Day Five

FFP UK Tour | Day Five
June 19, 2016 | Manchester, England

The show opened with a couple of members of the Ohio Wrestling Federation in the ring. Veronica Clyne welcomed Beatrice Keenan and the OWF rookies to the FFP UK Tour. They hyped tomorrow night’s OWF 75 event main evented by Alexander T Morrison defending the OWF Championship against Damien Bishop.

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06/18/2016 FFP UK Tour: Day Four

FFP UK Tour | Day Four
June 18, 2016 | Manchester, England

The show opened up with clips from the entire FFP UK Tour, highlighting the men’s and women’s ANY Case Tournaments.

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06/16/2016 FFP UK Tour: Day Three

FFP UK Tour | Day Three
June 16, 2016 | Glasgow, Scotland

The show began with Ochoa and Hiroki Ito in the center of the ring. The two men from the Assassination Squad said that they feel like if they had another shot at Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce that there would be no way that they would walk away without the titles.

This brought out Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen from the Shibuya Mafia. Lyons and Kamen said that Ochoa and Hiroki already had their chance, and that it was their turn. Of course both teams traded insults until they agreed to face off Saturday in Manchester, England. The winning team would get a shot at the FFP Tag Team Champions at a later date.

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06/14/2016 FFP UK Tour: Day Two

FFP UK Tour | Day Two
June 14, 2016 | Belfast, Ireland

The show began with clips from last night, showing that Gregory Hart and Logan Christopher advanced in the men’s ANY Case Tournament while Lacey Abernathy and Fiona Burke advanced in the women’s.

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