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05/01/2018 FFP Tuesday Night Wrestling

Date: May 1, 2018
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Commentators: Brian Young
Morgan Alexander

The show opened with the brand new FFP World Champion Miles Lynch. Lynch came out and held the title up high. He said that Sunday night he and Matt Kraven went to war and Miles Lynch was the better man.

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04/08/2017 FFP SSN

April 8, 2017
Charlotte, North Carolina

The show opened up with a voice over the PA system, welcoming the new Owner and President of Full Force Pro…

The Charlotte crowd stood in anticipation. The rumors had ran wild. Would it be Chris Kraven, Daniel Matthews, Seduction Inc, Veronica Clyne, Bianca Hunt, Elizabeth Summers, Duncan Wright, or someone else? Would it be someone we knew, or a brand new face to FFP? Would it be a former wrestler, a former FFP Champion, or someone who reigned supreme outside of Full Force Pro?

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FFP Tokyo Cup Tournament Final Four!

Both Tokyo Cup Tournaments are now to the Final Four! That’s right! After Thursday’s FFP Tour of Japan event, the men and women tournaments have been narrowed down, from 16 to four.

In the men’s tournament, we will see former HONOR World Champion Joey DeMarco take on current HONOR World Champion Kashimanaki. These two men aren’t strangers. It should make for a very interesting match.

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03/04/2017 FFP SSN


March 4, 2017
Knoxville, Tennessee

The show opened up with Mary Faith Brooks and her daughter Hope in the ring. Mary asked the crowd if Hope had done a good job coming up with tonight’s matches. The crowd cheered. Mary however, said that although Hope did excellent, there were just a couple changes Mary would make. Hope seemed disappointed at this announcement.

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Updated 16-to-1 Tournament Bracket

Click for larger view

Wednesday night we kicked off our 16-to-1 Tournament, which spilled over into Saturday night’s SSN. With the opening round now complete you can check out the updated bracket above.

09/17/2016 FFP SSN


September 17, 2016 | San Antonio, Texas

The show began with the President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne making her entrance. Veronica grabbed a microphone and noted that on Twitter she had only announce three of the four ladies who would do battle tonight to become the number one contender for Quinn Delaney’s Women’s Championship. Veronica said the reason she announced only three was because she wanted to announce the fourth competitor in person.

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2015 FFP Awards Voting


It’s that time of year again…time for the FFP Awards! The Awards will take place in November, the weekend of FFP Rebirth. However you can begin voting right now! Be sure to vote as often as you’d like, as you are the voice of Full Force Pro, and you get to decide the winner of each category!

That’s right! No predetermined awards here! Every single award is voted on by you, the FFP fans, and won by the person with the most votes.

So, here are the categories. And remember, vote as many times as you’d like (and as often as you’d like!)

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