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07/23/2017 FFP Mid-Summer Classic (PPV)


FFP Mid-Summer Classic
June 23, 2017
Winnipeg, Canada

FFP’s biggest show of the year kicked off with pyro going off throughout the arena. The camera panned around to show thousands of FFP faithful, wearing FFP’s newest gear, raising their signs and cheering. Signs for superstars such as Odell Porter, Daniel Matthews, Seduction Inc, Aubrey Moresi, the Connelly Twins and more were very apparent.

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06/18/2017 FFP Uprising (PPV)


FFP Uprising
June 18, 2017
London, England

The show opened up with pryo going off in the arena. The London crowd was on their feet and ready for an awesome night of Full Force Pro action. Then the scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by Daniel Matthews. Tonight Matthews would be challenging his best friend Matt Kraven for Kraven’s HONOR World Championship. She asked Daniel if he would be able to have the killer instinct against his best friend to take his title. Matthews said that in this business you don’t have a lot of true friends, but that Matt was absolutely his best friend. Daniel said that they both respected each other enough to understand that they had to do what they had to do to get the job done in the ring.

The scene then cut to Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with Matt Kraven. Beckman asked Matt the same question. Matt said that him and Daniel had wrestled before and that tonight would be their best match. Kraven said that once the bell rang, that the mutual respect would still be there, but that both men would do everything in their power the HONOR World Champion. Matt noted that both men knew that they would do whatever they could, and that they were prepared for such a thing.

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04/30/2017 FFP All Torn Up (PPV)

FFP All Torn Up
April 30, 2017
Orlando, Florida

The show opened up with the owner and president of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne. She welcomed everyone to All Torn Up, and invited the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven to the ring. Matt came out with a smile on his face, holding the HONOR World Title on his shoulder.

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03/26/2017 FFP Aggravated Assault (PPV)

FFP Aggravated Assault
March 26, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

The show opened up with clips from all of the action we had seen thus far in the FFP Tour of Japan. Kashimanaki beating Matt Kraven for the HONOR Title, Lizzy Kraven lariating Dani and Brandi Moore and Fiona Burke advancing were keyed in on in the clips.

Then, the FFP President Mary Faith Brooks came down and welcomed everyone to the show. With her Southern accent she hyped this as being Full Force Pro’s biggest event in history. Mary also said that she had promised a major announcement.

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01/22/2017 FFP Frost Bite (PPV)


FFP Frost Bite
January 22, 2017
Green Bay, Wisconsin

The show opened up with fireworks. The Green Bay crowd was pumped for Frost Bite.

In the front row there were a few top wrestlers from the World Wrestling Society, a new promotion in the UK that had a working relationship with Full Force Pro. Notable at ringside were Duke Samuels, Morgan Landings, Alexandra Knight, Ernie Harlow and Fabian Poole. Obviously they were there to watch the finals of the WWS Title Tournament.

FFP Hall of Famer Lizzy Kraven came out to cheers from the crowd. She took a spot at the announce table, preparing to be a special guest commentator for the night.

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12/31/2016 FFP New Year’s Eve Show


FFP New Year’s Eve Show
December 31, 2016
Troy, Ohio

The show openend up with Mary Faith Brooks welcoming everyone to the FFP New Year’s Eve Show. She noted that the entire day had been a lot of fun. The viewers were shown clips from the FFP Dodgeball Tournament, which was won by the team of Matt Kraven, Daniel Matthews, Dani Rawlings, Kenzie Anderson and OWF newcomer JJ Perry. Also clips from the FFP Video Game Tournament were shown. Brandi Moore won that.

Mary then hyped up tonight’s show, especially the main event, Odell Porter cashing in his ANY Case against the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews.

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Four Matches Already Set for FFP Throwback!

Full Force Pro’s December pay-per-view FFP Throwback takes place live from Madison Square Garden in New York on December 25th, that’s right, Christmas Day! And what a Christmas present for those able to attend the show live, or watch live on pay-per-view or on the FFP Network!

Full Force Pro has always striven to bring you the best professional wrestling action, especially when it comes to pay-per-view events. And FFP Throwback won’t be any different. Earlier this morning, on Thanksgiving Day, four matches were already set for what is sure to be an unbelievable Christmas Day event.

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