Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures Events

Date Main Event Location Link
02/25/2018 Matt Kraven vs Matt Evanston for the FFP World Title Charlotte, NC Click Here
02/26/2017 Daniel Matthews vs Odell Porter for the FFP World Title St Louis, MO Click Here
02/21/2016 Joey DeMarco vs Matt Kraven for the HONOR World Title Orlando, FL Click Here
02/22/2015 Anarchy vs Christopher Morgan for the FFP World Title San Francisco, CA Click Here

Desperate Measures Posters

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Desperate Measures Facts

• In 2018, Aiden Conrad defeated Anarchy to once again win the FFP Adrenaline Title (with the help of Matt & Billy Rich).
• In 2017, the Ellison Twins beat Brandi Moore & Amy Kraven for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles.
• In 2017, Kenzie Anderson beat Aubrey Moresi for the FFP Women’s Television Title.
• In 2016, Matt Kraven defeated Joey DeMarco to win the HONOR World Title.
• In 2015, Adam Hyatt defeated Anarchy to win the World Title. Anarchy had just successfully defended the World Title before accepting Adam’s challenge.
• In 2014, Nina Fox beat Brandi Moore for the Diamond Title.

2019 Desperate Measures Preview

FFP World Championship
(c) Miles Lynch w/ The Conglomerate vs Patrick McCoy
After a bogus number one contender battle royal, Patrick McCoy called out the World Champion. After some back and forth Lynch agreed to prove himself by defending the title against McCoy at Desperate Measures. Will Lynch’s 300+ day title reign finally come to an end at the hands of former World Champion Patrick McCoy?

FFP Ironwoman Championship
(c) Noel Zelig vs Kimber Stiles
At All on the Line, Kimber Stiles won the 16-to-1 Tournament, earning herself a contract to FFP, as well as a future shot at the Ironwoman Title. On the same night, after Noel successfully defended the title, Kimber attacked her from behind. Now the two are set to face off at FFP Desperate Measures. Will Noel’s impressive reign continue, or will Kimber be the one to finally dethrone the champion?

FFP Adrenaline Championship
(c) Duncan Wright Jr vs Deshaun Reed
DW Jr has already defended the Adrenaline Title against Deshaun Reed. But it was with help from The Conglomerate. It seemed as if the help was unwanted, as DW Jr offered Reed a rematch. Stuart Cavanaugh has offered The Conglomerate’s assistance yet again in this match. Will Duncan accept the assistance? And if he doesn’t, will there be consequences?

FFP Tag Team Championship | 3-Way Ladder Match
(c) Jackson Detmer & Jason Ryan vs Matt & Billy Rich vs Assault & Battery
What was a two team feud seemed to spill into a three team feud when Assault & Battery made their much anticipated return to Full Force Pro. These three teams, arguably the three most talented teams in FFP history, will collide in a ladder match for the Tag Team Titles. Who will walk away with the prestigious gold?

Matt Kraven vs Kratos
Kratos made his shocking debut in Full Force Pro by dismantling Matt Kraven after a hard fought victory in a six-man tag team match. Now these two men are set to face off at Desperate Measures. Will Matt be able to walk out victorious, or will The Conglomerate’s big man take care of business?

Blaine Edwards w/ Izzy Laroo vs Vision
A lot of heat between these two since Vision began taunting Izzy Laroo. The two wrestlers have come to blows on multiple occasions, and now Blaine will look to get revenge by putting Vision down at Desperate Measures for the three count.

Lacey Abernathy vs Camila Dinero
Ever since Lacey Abernathy’s return to FFP, there has been a lot of animosity between her and Camila Dinero. Camila feels she is the best looking woman on the roster, something that Lacey was sure of when she was in FFP during her first run. The two have came to blows several times, and they will fight it out at FFP Desperate Measures.


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