Event Calendar

Date Event Location
2/16/2020 Desperate Measures San Diego, CA
2/21/2020 16-to-1 Tournament* Las Vegas, NV
2/24/2020 Riot Las Vegas, NV
3/2/2020 Riot San Francisco, CA
3/9/2020 Riot Los Angeles, CA
3/17/2020 Tour of Japan: Day One* Osaka, Japan
3/19/2020 Tour of Japan: Day Two* Nagoya, Japan
3/20/2020 Tour of Japan: Day Three* Tokyo, Japan
3/22/2020 Tokyo Rumble Tokyo, Japan
3/30/2020 Riot New York, NY
4/6/2020 Riot Boston, MA
4/13/2020 Riot Chicago, IL
4/20/2020 Riot Columbus, OH
4/26/2020 Devastation Cincinnati, OH
5/31/2020 Vendetta Kansas City, MO
6/21/2020 Uprising Detroit, MI
7/19/2020 Mid-Summer Classic Tucson, AZ
8/22/2020 Hall of Fame: Class of 2020* Green Bay, WI
8/23/2020 Glory Green Bay, WI

Red – pay-per-view
* – special event

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