Event Calendar

Date Event Location
6/24/2017 SSN Detroit, MI
7/1/2017 SSN Minneapolis, MN
7/4/2017 FFP 4th of July Event Kansas City, MO
7/8/2017 SSN Columbus, OH
7/15/2017 SSN Indianapolis, IN
7/22/2017 2017 FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony Winnipeg, Canada
7/23/2017 Mid-Summer Classic* Winnipeg, Canada
7/28/2017 FFP vs OWF Cincinnati, OH
8/27/2017 Blaze of Glory* Boston, MA
9/17/2017 Lethal Injection* Memphis, TN
10/29/2017 The Haunting* Seattle, WA
11/16/2017 Return Anniversary Show* Las Vegas, NV
11/26/2017 Rebirth* Phoenix, AZ
12/24/2017 Throwback* Cincinnati, OH
12/25/2017 FFP Monday Night Cincinnati, OH
12/31/2017 New Year’s Eve Show Detroit, MI

* – pay-per-view

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