FFP Adrenaline Title History

Current Champion
Duncan Wright Jr
Date of Title Win
August 18, 2018
Location of Title Win
Orlando, FL
Title Defenses

FFP Adrenaline Title Records
Longest Reign as Champion Christopher Morgan: 470 Days
Shortest Reign as Champion Anarchy: 19 Days
Most Times as Champion Adam Hyatt & Aiden Conrad: 2

FFP Adrenaline Title History
Date Champion Defeated Location Span
12-01-13 Adam Hyatt Patrick McCoy Chicago, IL 147 days
04-27-14 Daniel Matthews Prince Tau Green Bay, WI 132 days
09-06-14 Prince Tau Daniel Matthews Salem, OR 98 days
12-13-14 Adam Hyatt Prince Tau Green Bay, WI 21 days
01-3-15 Eddie Siebenthaler Adam Hyatt Charleston, WV 78 days
03-22-15 Christopher Morgan Eddie Siebenthaler Tokyo, Japan 470 days
07-04-16 Odell Porter Christopher Morgan Cincinnati, OH 174 days
12-25-16 ATM Odell Porter New York, NY 282 days
10-04-17 Matt Evanston ATM Wichita, KS 53 days
11-26-17 Aiden Conrad Matt Evanston Phoenix, AZ 72 days
02-06-18 Anarchy Aiden Conrad Louisville, KY 19 days
No Defenses
02-25-18 Aiden Conrad Anarchy Charlotte, NC 105 days
03/10/2018 – defeated Hiroki Ito in Osaka, Japan
03/18/2018 – defeated Hiroki Ito in Tokyo, Japan
04/13/2018 – defeated Blaine Edwards in Birmingham, AL
05/15/2018 – defeated Odell Porter in Phoenix, AZ
05/20/2018 – defeated Trent Wolfe in Brooklyn, NY
06-10-18 Trent Wolfe Aiden Conrad Orlando, FL 70 days
07/13/2018 – fought Aiden Conrad to a draw in a Box of Hell Match in Columbus, OH
07/22/2018 – defeated Aiden Conrad in a Ladder Match in Philadelphia, PA
07/31/2018 – defeated Duncan Wright Jr in Dayton, OH
08-19-18 Duncan Wright Jr Trent Wolfe Chicago, IL
09/30/2018 – defeated Trent Wolfe in Las Vegas, NV
10/16/2018 – defeated Kade Haddix in Manchester, England
10/21/2018 – defeated Kade Haddix in London, England
11/18/2018 – defeated Bryce Devlin in San Francisco, CA
12/13/2018 – defeated Blaine Edwards in Salt Lake City, UT
12/31/2018 – defeated Morgan Landings in Seattle, WA
01/19/2019 – defeated Deshaun Reed in Los Angeles, CA

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