FFP Honor Title History

Current Champion
Caleb Newstead
Date of Title Win
November 6, 2018
Location of Title Win
Cincinnati, OH
Title Defenses

FFP Honor Title Records
Longest Reign as Champion Kade Haddix: 182 Days
Shortest Reign as Champion JJ Perry: 34 Days
Most Times as Champion N/A

FFP Honor Title History
Date Champion Defeated Location Span
10-29-17 Kade Haddix Matt Kraven Seattle, WA 182 days
04-29-18 Alexander Modest Kade Haddix Austin, TX 157 days
05/01/2018 – got disqualified against Kade Haddix in Oklahoma City, OK
05/20/2018 – defeated Kade Haddix in Brooklyn, NY
06/20/2018 – defeated Kade Haddix in Orlando, FL
07/04/2018 – defeated Kade Haddix in Atlanta, GA
07/22/2018 – defeated Hiroki Ito in Philadelphia, PA
09/04/2018 – defeated Odell Porter in Little Rock, AR
09/13/2018 – defeated Griffin Austin in Denver, CO
10-03-18 JJ Perry Alexander Modest Albuquerque, NM 34 days
10/08/2018 – defeated Alexander Modest in London, England
10/23/2018 – defeated Alexander Modest in Manchester, England
11-06-18 Caleb Newstead JJ Perry Cincinnati, OH
12/04/2018 – defeated Duncan Wright in Boise, ID
12/22/2018 – defeated Tyreek Hyde in Detroit, MI
01/19/2019 – defeated Malakai in Los Angeles, CA

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