FFP Ironwoman Title History

Current Champion
Courtney Kennedy
Date of Title Win
April 23, 2019
Location of Title Win
Pittsburgh, PA
Title Defenses

FFP Ironwoman Title Records
Longest Reign as Champion Noel Zelig: 300 days
Shortest Reign as Champion Kimber Stiles: 58 days
Most Times as Champion N/A

FFP Ironwoman Title History
Date Champion Defeated Location Span
04-29-18 Noel Zelig Anna Minster Austin, TX 300 days
05/15/2018 – defeated Quinn Delaney in Phoenix, AZ
06/10/2018 – defeated Katsumi Akiyama in Orlando, FL
07/04/2018 – defeated Veronica Clyne in Atlanta, GA
08/19/2018 – defeated Fiona Burke in Chicago, IL
09/13/2018 – defeated Hisoka Li in Denver, CO
09/25/2018 – defeated Zoey Kiehl in Salt Lake City, UT
09/30/2018 – defeated Nina Fox in Las Vegas, NV
10/18/2018 – defeated Yuriko Fuji in London, England
11/18/2018 – defeated Keira Brimm in San Francisco, CA
11/27/2018 – defeated Akane Mae in San Diego, CA
12/18/2018 – defeated Quinn Delaney in Phoenix, AZ
12/22/2018 – defeated Lucy Baddock in Detroit, MI
01/01/2019 – defeated Lucy Baddock in Seattle, WA
01/19/2019 – defeated Lucy Baddock in Los Angeles, CA
02-24-19 Kimber Stiles Noel Zelig New York, NY 58 days
03/16/2019 – lost to Noel Zelig by DQ in Tokyo, Japan
04-24-19 Courtney Kennedy Kimber Stiles Pittsburgh, PA

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