FFP Network Specials

FFP Network Special Events

Date Event Name Main Event Location Link
11/29/2019 FFP Revival Miles Lynch vs Trent Wolfe vs Odell Porter for the FFP World Title Cincinnati, OH Click Here
09/13/2018 FFPX Miles Lynch vs Hiroki Ito for the FFP World Title Denver, CO Click Here
03/23/2018 FFP Stateside Matt Kraven vs Matt Evanston for the FFP World Title New York, NY Click Here
10/16/2015 FFP Invades HONOR in Tokyo Hiroki Ito vs Matt Kraven for the HONOR World Title Tokyo, Japan Click Here
11/16/2013 FFP Return Show 5-Spot Ladder Match for the FFP World Title Detroit, MI Click Here

FFP Network Special Posters


FFP Network Special Facts

• In 2018 at FFPX, Miles Lynch retained the FFP World Title against Hiroki Ito in the main event.
• In 2018 at FFP Stateside, Kashimanaki defeated Gregory Hart to win the FFP Network Title.
• In 2015 at FFP Invades HONOR Wrestling, Farrah Clements defeated Katsumi Akiyama for the HONOR Women’s Title.
• In 2013 at the FFP Return Show, Veronica Clyne won a 5-Spot Ladder Match to become the first woman to win the FFP World Championship. Also Taylor Clawson won a 4-Way Match to win the FFP Diamond Title.

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