FFP Network Title History

Current Champion
Michael Showtime
Date of Title Win
February 12, 2019
Location of Title Win
Pittsburgh, PA
Title Defenses

FFP Network Title Records
Longest Reign as Champion Kashimanaki: 121 Days
Shortest Reign as Champion Austin Briggs: 63 Days
Most Times as Champion N/A

FFP Network Title History
Date Champion Defeated Location Span
12-24-17 Gregory Hart Blaine Edwards Cincinnati, OH 89 days
01/10/2018 – defeated Hunter Chase in Cincinnati, OH
01/28/2018 – defeated Kevin Lewan in Cleveland, OH
03/10/2018 – defeated Logan Christopher in Osaka, Japan
03-23-18 Kashimanaki Gregory Hart New York, NY 121 days
03/27/2018 – defeated Cooper Albright in Macon, GA
04/13/2018 – defeated Duncan Wright in Birmingham, AL
04/17/2018 – defeated Duncan Wright in New Orleans, LA
05/29/2018 – defeated Kabir Jindal in New York, NY
06/05/2018 – lost to Hayden Flowers by DQ in Tampa, FL
06/19/2018 – defeated JJ Perry in Orlando, FL
07-22-18 ATM Kashimanaki Philadelphia, PA 73 days
08/07/2018 – defeated Eli Jones in Louisville, KY
08/19/2018 – lost to Logan Christopher by DQ in Chicago, IL
08/21/2018 – lost to Logan Christopher by DQ in Evanston, IL
09/25/2018 – defeated Cooper Albright in Salt Lake City, UT
10-03-18 Logan Christopher ATM Albuquerque, NM 69 days
10/18/2018 – defeated Morgan Landings in London, England
11/06/2018 – defeated Kashimanaki in Cincinnati, OH
12-11-18 Austin Briggs Logan Christopher Eugene, OR 63 days
01/19/2019 – defeated Hiroki Ito in Los Angeles, CA
02-12-19 Michael Showtime Austin Briggs Pittsburgh, PA
02/19/2019 – defeated Austin Briggs in Boston, MA
03/16/2019 – defeated Trent Wolfe in Tokyo, Japan
04/01/2019 – defeated Wyatt Cobb in New York, NY
04/23/2019 – won a 4-way match in Pittsburgh, PA

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