Weight: 281 lbs
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Finishing Move: STF
Career Highlights: FFP World Champion; FFP Tag Team Champion; FFP Television Champion; FFP Brass Knuckles Champion;
Notable Feuds: Blood Reign; Christopher Morgan; Austin Briggs; Patrick McCoy

Anarchy is a big powerhouse of a man. He’s known for his powerful chops, hard hitting strikes, and his submission skills. Anarchy has always stayed true to himself and his fans. He’s never been a “bad guy” and has always earned his victories. Unfortunately, as good of a guy and as fair of a guy as he has been, Anarchy has never held a title here in Full Force Pro, despite feuding with several champions such as Austin Briggs and Christopher Morgan.

In February of 2014 after feuding with Patrick McCoy to try to win his first FFP World Title, McCoy defeated Anarchy in a match that saw the stipulation that if Anarchy lost, he’d have to leave FFP. Anarchy ended up losing the match.

Anarchy returned to Full Force Pro and ended up defeating Austin Briggs for the World Title. Anarchy held the title for 56 days before losing it to Adam Hyatt.

Anarchy eventually aligned himself with Bianca Hunt (and Hunt Enterprises), winning the Tag Team Titles with “The Russian Lion” Mikhail Vakhrov and also beating Aiden Conrad for the Television Title.


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