Caleb Newstead

Weight: 215 lbs
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Finishing Move: Fisherman Brainbuster
Career Highlights: FFP Honor Champion; FFP Television Champion; FFP Cruiserweight; FFP Tag Team Champion
Notable Feuds: Logan Christopher; Patrick McCoy; Christopher Morgan

Caleb Newstead was the first FFP Television Champion. Newstead has also held the Cruiserweight Title as well as the FFP Tag Team Titles.

Newstead’s first big feud in FFP was against Logan Christopher. After Caleb defeated Logan, by either attacking his valet at the time Brandi Moore, or flirting with her, Brandi eventually turned on Logan and joined Caleb.

Then, Newstead started the stable Simply the Best, after bringing in his best friend Christopher Morgan. The two were a dominant tag team, and eventually brought other superstars into the stable. Eventually the relationship turned sour and Caleb and Christopher began to feud.

Newstead retired from wrestling for quite some time, but finally returned and reignited his feud with Christopher Morgan. However after the feud cooled, the two reunited to once again become Simply the Best.

On the 5/25/2015 episode of FFP Monday Night Caleb wrestled his last match, an Adrenaline Title match against champion Christopher Morgan. After a hard fought match, Newstead lost, but had fairwells with Christopher Morgan, Logan Christopher and Brandi Moore.

Later the same night, new FFP Vice-President Beatrice Keenan announced that Caleb would be a trainer in FFP’s developmental territory, the Ohio Wrestling Federation.

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