Christopher Morgan

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 230 lbs
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Finishing Move: Tiger Driver
Career Highlights: FFP World Champion; FFP Adrenaline Champion; FFP Tag Team Champion; FFP Hall of Fame (Class of 2015)
Notable Feuds: Logan Christopher; Daniel Matthews; Soul Assassins; Matt Kraven; Anarchy; Caleb Newstead

Christopher Morgan was brought into Full Force Pro by his then best friend Caleb Newstead. Newstead and Morgan made up Simply the Best, which started out as just a tag team, but evolved into a powerful stable with the likes of Seduction Inc as well as then commissioner of FFP, Matt Kraven’s ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Summers.

Morgan quickly became the leader of the group after winning the FFP World Championship. When he persuaded Elizabeth Summers to join Simply the Best, it was over trying to dethrone Matt Kraven as President of the company, and Simply the Best simply taking the federation over.

Ultimately Matt Kraven and his team (which consisted of the Soul Assassins), won the feud, and Simply the Best continued on, even winning the Tag Team Titles multiple times.

Christopher Morgan eventually turned on Caleb Newstead, siting jealously on Caleb’s part. The stable split up and a feud ensued.

Morgan joined Hunt Enterprises briefly, becoming the number one man in the stable. However he eventually left and rejoined Caleb Newstead. But when Simply the Best couldn’t seem to get on the winning ways Christopher turned on Caleb once again.

For a brief time Christopher Morgan ran his own stable known as The Lifestyle. However when Emily Hart was announced as the new Vice President of FFP, she took Morgan by her side to be her right hand man in The Council.

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