Cindy Labre

Weight: 131 lbs
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Finishing Move: Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster
Career Highlights: FFP Women’s Champion; FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion

Cindy Labre is managed by April Hunter. She began her career in Full Force Pro attacking Nina Fox, starting a feud with the FFP Hall of Famer. Next she moved on to injuring Taylor Clawson.

After injuring both Hall of Famers she stole their HoF rings. Then she moved her attention to Quinn Delaney, beating Quinn for the Women’s Title at FFP Rebirth 2016. After the match Nina Fox attempted to cash in her ANY Case but was attacked by Cindy. Then, Veronica Clyne came out to stop Cindy from doing anymore damage, but Cindy and April Hunter spike piledrove Veronica. Cindy then took Veronica’s HoF ring.



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