Daniel Matthews

215 lbs.
Detroit, Michigan
Finishing Moves:
Roaring Elbow & Death Valley Driver
Career Highlights:
FFP World Champion; HONOR World Champion; FFP Adrenaline Champion; FFP Television Champion; FFP Tag Team Champion
Notable Feuds: Christopher Morgan; Caleb Newstead; Austin Briggs; Matt Kraven; Adam Hyatt; Jason Copeland; Patrick McCoy

Daniel Matthews has one of the most storied pasts in FFP history. Matthews was the very first FFP World Champion. Matthews also has held the Adrenaline and Tag Team Titles – once with Patrick McCoy and once with Lizzy Kraven.

Daniel feuded with Christopher Morgan for the FFP World Championship, and eventually led his stable the Soul Assassins in a feud with Morgan’s stable, Simply the Best. Matthews’ group was instrumental in Matt Kraven keeping control of Full Force Pro in a feud against Elizabeth Summers who joined Simply the Best.

Daniel shocked the FFP audience when he volunteered to help Matt Kraven with his fight with The Kingdom, then turned on Kraven and joined the group.

On the 2014 FFP New Year’s Eve Show, Daniel defeated Patrick McCoy with the help of Patrick’s girlfriend Scarlett Ducane. Later it was revealed that Scarlett was Daniel’s new manager, and girlfriend. The two also announced that they were bringing The Kingdom back to FFP.

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