Lizzy Kraven

Height: 5’5″
Weight: 131 lbs
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Finishing Moves: Kraven Lariat & Tornado Bomb
Career Highlights: FFP World Champion; FFP Television Champion; FFP Cruiserweight Champion; FFP Brass Knuckles Champion; FFP Tag Team Champion; FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion; FFP Diamond Tag Team Champion; Winner of Japan Tour Women’s Tournament; FFP Hall of Fame (Class of 2016)

Lizzy Kraven grew up around the business. Being the little cousin of Matt and Chris Kraven, she got great advice from both.

Lizzy got signed by FFP by Matt who was excited to see her showcase her skills and represent the Kraven name in an honorable way.

Lizzy has held the FFP Television Title as well as the Tag Team Titles with Daniel Matthews.

On FFP’s 2014 Tour of Japan Lizzy won the Women’s Tournament, earning herself a shot at any title of her choice. She chose to face Patrick McCoy immediately, and defeated him for the World Championship. Lizzy is only the second woman to win the FFP World Title.

At the 2014 FFP 4th of July Event, Lizzy turned on her tag partner Nina Fox, and assisted Veronica Clyne in beating down Nina Fox and winning the match. That night in doing so, Lizzy shocked the world and joined The Kingdom.

On the July 19, 2014 edition of SSN Lizzy teamed with Veronica Clyne to defeat The Queendom for the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles.

At FFP Rebirth Lizzy competed in the very first female Steel Cage Match against Ariana Chaos. Unfortunately she suffered a bruised spinal cord in the match and still hasn’t returned to action.

In September of 2015 after getting to the final four of the FFP Women’s Title Tournament, Lizzy lost to Brandi Moore. Brandi was then approached by Veronica Clyne about teaming back up to go after the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles – which hadn’t been determined at that time. On September 20, 2015 at Lethal Injection, Lizzy and Veronica won a Four-Way Match to become the first ever FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions.

At FFP Devastation 2018, Lizzy and Olivia Lee defeated Matt & Billy Rich to win the FFP Tag Team Titles. Lizzy and Olivia are the only female duo to win the FFP Tag Team Titles.

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