Logan Christopher

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 180 lbs
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Finishing Move: Shooting Star Press
Career Highlights: FFP World Champion; FFP Network Champion; FFP Cruiserweight Champion; FFP Tag Team Champion

Unfortunately the thing most remember most of Logan Christopher is him introducing the world to Brandi Moore, then her turning on him.

When FFP began Logan brought his girlfriend Brandi with him as his valet. But she eventually turned on Logan and began dating Caleb Newstead. Logan found success in the Cruiserweight division, and also the Tag Team division teaming with Kashimanaki.

At FFP Uprising Logan won a battle royal, winning the first ever FFP Triple-A Case, giving him the opportunity to “cash-in” the case at anytime for a title shot. He cashed the case in to face Patrick McCoy at the 2015 Mid-Summer Classic for the FFP World Championship. Also at Uprising it was revealed that Logan was once again dating Brandi Moore.

At FFP Rebirth Logan Christopher ended a long feud with Patrick McCoy by defeating McCoy in a Ladder Match, ending McCoy’s 183-day reign as World Champion. Unfortunately, Matt Kraven came out and cashed in his Triple-A Case, beating Logan only minutes after he won the title.

However on January 10, 2016 at the premiere of Sunday is for Chaos, in a great match Logan defeated Matt Kraven to become the FFP World Champion.

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