Scarlett Ducane

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Manages: Patrick McCoy
Former Clients:: Daniel Matthews
Career Highlights: 2014 Manager of the Year; Defeated Nina Fox in her debut match

Scarlett debuted as the girlfriend of Patrick McCoy. She assisted him in defeating Anarchy to win the FFP World Championship at the 2014 FFP Merry Christmas Show. Scarlett was instrumental in Patrick’s World Title reign.

In 2014 Scarlett won the Manager of the Year award.

At the 2014 FFP New Year’s Eve Show, Scarlett turned on Patrick, assisting Daniel Matthews in gaining a victory over McCoy. However it wasn’t long before Scarlett joined back up with Patrick, who beat Daniel Matthews for his Triple-A Case, then cashed in on Adam Hyatt and won the title.

Eventually Scarlett reunited with Patrick McCoy, assisting him in another World Title win. However, she left FFP for a while while Patrick wrestled on his own. However at Blaze of Glory 2017, Scarlett returned to once again be in the corner of Patrick.


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