Height: 5’5″
Weight: 132 lbs
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Finishing Moves: The Nosferatu (Scorpion Cross Lock) & Diamond Dust
Career Highlights: FFP Cruiserweight Champion; FFP Diamond Champion

Synn started out at Full Force Pro as simply a manager. Managing and eventually leading the group the Dark Side, which consisted of Blood Reign and Deranged. Synn eventually became a wrestler, and helped bring El Diablo into FFP. Blood Reign soon after left the company, and Synn decided to rename the group, the Realm of Darkness.

Synn ended up striking up a deal with Chris Kraven, who was running the company instead of Matt due to a stipulation in a match he had won. Synn went on to defeat Brandi Moore for her first FFP Diamond Championship, however it only lasted a matter of minutes, as Synn laid down for her next opponent, immediately following her title win, Chris’s then girlfriend Monika Andrews.

In return, Chris guaranteed that he would hand the vacated FFP Tag Team Titles over to the Realm of Darkness. He stayed true to his word.

On the first ever FFP Valentine’s Day Event, Synn shocked the FFP world by announcing that due to neck issues, she would retire.

In May of 2015 it was announced that Synn would become the head woman trainer for FFP’s new developmental territory the Ohio Wrestling Federation!


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