FFP Spirit Title History

Current Champion
Bethany Tilly
Date of Title Win
April 27, 2019
Location of Title Win
Philadelphia, PA
Title Defenses

FFP Spirit Title Records
Longest Reign as Champion Kenzie Anderson: 142 Days
Shortest Reign as Champion Zoey Kiehl: 21 Days
Most Times as Champion N/A

FFP Spirit Title History
Date Champion Defeated Location Span
04-29-18 Zoey Kiehl Carla Ray Austin, TX 21 days
05/08/2018 – defeated Keira Brimm in Santa Fe, NM
05/15/2018 – won a 3-way match against Keira Brimm & Carla Ray in Phoenix, AZ
05-20-18 Carla Ray Zoey Kiehl Brooklyn, NY 57 days
05/22/2018 – defeated Keira Brimm in New York, NY
07-16-18 Keira Brimm Carla Ray Troy, OH 76 days
07/22/2018 – defeated Tiana Ridgway in Philadelphia, PA
08/19/2018 – defeated Rocky Kaos in Chicago, IL
08/28/2018 – defeated Roxi Haacke in Indianapolis, IN
09/04/2018 – defeated Lenore Spade in Little Rock, AR
09-30-18 Kenzie Anderson Keira Brimm Las Vegas, NV 142 days
10/16/2018 – defeated Keira Brimm in Manchester, England
10/23/2018 – defeated Anna Minster in Manchester, England
12/04/2018 – defeated Bethany Tilly in Boise, ID
12/22/2018 – defeated Katsumi Akiyama in Detroit, MI
01-19-19 Alexis Reed Kenzie Anderson Los Angeles, CA 24 days
01/29/2019 – defeated Kenzie Anderson in Dallas, TX
02-12-19 Ava St James Alexis Reed Pittsburgh, PA 74 days
02/19/2019 – defeated Alexis Reed in Boston, MA
04/01/2019 – defeated Bethany Tilly in New York, NY
04-27-19 Bethany Tilly Ava St James Philadelphia, PA

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