FFP Weekly Top Ten

Week of March 11, 2018
(rankings are based on titles held, quality of matches for the week, momentum and making an impact)

Ranking Previous  Superstar Explanation
#1 2 Aiden Conrad was #2 last week. However this week he successfully defended the Adrenaline Title against Hiroki Ito.
#2 1 Matt Kraven wasn’t on the latest Tour of Japan Show. So the World Champion drops one spot to #2 this week.
#3 4 Matt and Billy Rich didn’t have a match on the latest show of the Tour of Japan, however they did accompany Aiden Conrad when he successfully retained the Adrenaline Title.
#4 3   Lizzy Kraven and Olivia Lee didn’t have a match this week. So the duo dropped down one spot.
 #5 6 Trent Wolfe continues climbing up the ladder here in the Top Ten, getting ready for his World Title match at Tokyo Rumble.
 #6 5 Nathan Caine didn’t have a match this week, and finds himself slipping to the #6 spot.
 #7 NR Gregory Hart successfully defended the FFP Network Title against Logan Christopher on Day Two of the Tour of Japan. Hart finds himself at #7 this week.
 #8 8 Fiona Burke & Kenzie Anderson didn’t have a match this week, and remain at #8.
 #9 10 Carla Ray had another impressive victory this week, beating Erika Storm on Day Two of the FFP Tour of Japan.
 #10 NR Masina finds her way to the top ten for the first time, beating down Rocky Christianello and Erika Storm. Masina is tired of being overlooked, and said she will obliterate the Women’s Division.



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