FFP Weekly Top Ten

Week of March 25, 2018
(rankings are based on titles held, quality of matches for the week, momentum and making an impact)

Ranking Previous  Superstar Explanation
#1 1 Matt Kraven successfully defended the World Title against Matt Evanston at FFP Stateside. So Kraven stays put at the #1 spot.
#2 2 Aiden Conrad came out during the Tag Team Title match at FFP Stateside. The match was turned into a 3-on-3, with Aiden gaining the pinfall over Anarchy. Conrad stays at #2 this week.
#3 3 Trent Wolfe wasn’t active this week, however he stays at his #3 spot.
#4 4 Kade Haddix didn’t have a match this week, but will defend his Honor Title against Alexander Modest at FFP TnW. Kade stays at #4 this week.
 #5 5 Another spot that stays the same as last week. Lipstick & Powerbombs stays at #5 after being inactive this week.
 #6 6 Noel Zelig wasn’t active this week, however she stays at #6 this week.
 #7 7 Miles Lynch was not active this week, after winning the Tokyo Rumble last week. Lynch stays put at #7.
 #8 8 Masina is another wrestler in FFP that keeps her spot from last week. Masina however will face a tough challenge in Katsumi Akiyama this week.
 #9 NR Kashimanaki defeated Gregory Hart in an awesome match, winning the FFP Honor Championship. Kashimanaki makes his debut on FFP’s Weekly Top Ten, jumping to #9.
 #10 NR Matt & Billy Rich along with Aiden Conrad defeated Simply the Best and Anarchy at FFP Stateside. The Tag Champions climb up to #10 this week.

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