FFP Women’s Title History

Current Champion
Date of Title Win
May 20, 2018
Location of Title Win
Brooklyn, NY
Title Defenses

FFP Women’s World Title Records
Longest Reign as Champion Amy Kraven: 175 Days
Shortest Reign as Champion Firefly: 5 Days
Most Times as Champion Giovanni & Nina: 2 Times
FFP Women’s World Title History
Date Champion Defeated Location Span
09-20-15 Nina Fox Taylor Clawson Mexico City, Mexico 98 days
12-27-15 Lacey Abernathy Nina Fox Milwaukee, WI 119 days
04-24-16 Katsumi Akiyama Lacey Abernathy Albuquerque, NM 91 days
07-24-16 Quinn Delaney Katsumi Akiyama Detroit, MI 119 days
11-20-16 Cindy Labre Quinn Delaney Baltimore, MD 63 days
01-22-17 Nina Fox Cindy Labre Green Bay, WI 76 days
04-08-17 Giovanni Gotch Nina Fox Charlotte, NC 157 days
09-12-17 Firefly Giovanni Gotch Cincinnati, OH 5 days
09-17-17 Giovanni Gotch Firefly Memphis, TN 70 days
11-26-17 Amy Kraven Giovanni Gotch Phoenix, AZ 175 days
05-20-18 Masina Amy Kraven Brooklyn, NY
05/29/2018 – defeated Anna Minster in New York, NY
06/05/2018 – defeated Rocky Kaos in Tampa, FL
06/12/2018 – defeated Rocky Kaos in Miami, FL
07/22/2018 – defeated Taylor Clawson in Philadelphia, PA
08/19/2018 – defeated Brandi Moore in Chicago, IL
09/25/2018 – defeated Olivia Lee in Salt Lake City, UT
10/10/2018 – defeated Lucy Baddock in Glasgow, Scotland
10/21/2018 – defeated Lucy Baddock in London, England
11/18/2018 – defeated Roxi Haacke in San Francisco, CA
12/18/2018 – defeated Taylor Clawson in Phoenix, AZ
12/22/2018 – defeated Brandi Moore in Detroit, MI
01/19/2019 – defeated Giovanni Gotch in Los Angeles, CA

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