Glory History

• In 2017, Simply the Best Defeated the Tamatoas for the FFP Team Titles. Taylor Clawson defeated Brandi Moore in the main event.
• In 2016, Mikhail Vakhrov defeated Anarchy for the FFP Television Title. Also Daniel Matthews successfully defended the FFP World Title against Genocide. Quinn Delaney was named Miss FFP 2016.
• In 2015, Hades defeated Lizzy Kraven to win the FFP Cruiserweight Title. Also Nina Fox was named Miss FFP 2015.
• In 2014, Nina Fox defeated Veronica Clyne to win the FFP World Title, and to also win 100% control of FFP for Matt Kraven. Also Brandi Moore was named the very first Miss FFP.
• Blaze of Glory was always FFP’s July pay-per-view, but was moved to August in 2014.
• In 2009, Christopher Morgan defeated Matt Kraven for the FFP World Title.

Glory Posters

 bog_2016_poster image  veronica_nina_banner

2018 Glory Preview

Who is the Real Icon of FFP?
Christopher Morgan vs Daniel Matthews

After quite a war of words on Twitter, Christopher Morgan and Daniel Matthews finally agreed to lock horns at FFP’s biggest event of the year, FFP Glory. The battle to prove who the real icon of FFP is. Which of these two Hall of Famers will walk out of Chicago the winner?


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